Felt Needs Landing Pages Are the Secret to Google Ad Grant Performance

Is your church ready to take your Google Ad Grant campaign to the next level?  Felt needs landing pages built in a subdomain are a great strategy to help your church get the most out of your Google Grant. 

A subdomain is a domain within the site’s primary domain that allows content to be better categorized for users and search engines. 


Boost Search Campaigns with Landing Pages

Landing pages may hold the secret to increasing the effectiveness of your next Google search campaign. They also may help increase web traffic to your church website and even help grow your church. If your church is starting a new Google search campaign, consider creating a landing page first.
There’s no question that Google rules the internet.

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages can improve your church’s next Google search campaign. A Google search campaign is made up of advertisements shown within Google search results after a person searches for a specific term. When it comes to online searches, Google makes the rules.
They use a complex algorithm to help connect those searching with the most relevant data.

Increase your Web Traffic

Increase your Web Traffic by Delivering Relevant Content with Church Landing Pages

Landing pages can increase web traffic to your church’s website. Church Landing pages are stand-alone pages with one focus keyword in mind. Their design allows them to load as quickly as possible. The benefit of these strategic aspects is that Google can more easily see a landing page because it is focused on one specific topic.

Address People's Felt Needs with Church Landing Pages

Address People’s Felt Needs with Church Landing Pages

Church landing pages have the ability to address felt needs of people. Felt needs refer to the specific words people type into a Google search bar. A person might be searching for “depression help in (city)”, or “family counseling.” Once a person searches for specific felt needs, Google goes on a hunt to find the most relevant information.

Church Landing Page Subscriptions

8 Ways You Can Help Google Grow Your Church

Google can help grow your church. When it comes to church growth, gone are the days hoping new people will show up on your church’s front door merely because you exist. In fact, authors of Churchless found the number of those not attending a church anywhere has risen from 30% in 1990 to 43% in 2014 (info graphic).

Church Landing Page Subscriptions

Church Landing Page Subscriptions provide affordable access to relevant fast loading pages that are optimized to ministry related keywords. These are perfect for linking Google Church Search Campaigns, Google Church Display Campaigns, and Facebook Church Campaigns.
When one of our church landing page templates found in our Church Landing Page Library is used as a starting point,

Church Marketing Must Reach People Who Search Google for Answers

Felt Needs Church Website SEO

Felt needs church website SEO ensures your church will be found by those who are searching Google for answers to meet their felt needs. The felt needs that people are searching for include crisis support, prayer support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study,