Top 5 Topics Millennials Want Churches to Address

Churches around the country are trying desperately to reach millennials, many of whom grew up attending church and ultimately decided it wasn’t for them. In efforts to make church activities appear “trendy” and to attract this younger generation, churches have employed a wide variety of strategies in recent years. The music,


Church Videos Can Boost Your Website SEO

Church videos, like sermon videos, have the power to impact your website SEO. In today’s digital world, technology matters more than ever for churches. Unfortunately, church attendance is dwindling, especially with millennials. However, this generation is extremely active online. This new digital culture means churches have the unique ability to reach people outside of their four walls – through the internet.

Group of Millennials

10 Sermon Topic Ideas to Engage Millennials

There’s no question that the future of the church depends on its ability to reach millennials – today’s largest living generation. Many churches struggle to engage this enormous population thanks to a cultural shift reflecting varied interests and attitudes which are heavily shaped by a digital age upbringing. With church attendance numbers in a major decline,

Long-Tail Keywords

Using Long-Tail Keywords for High Impact Online Ads

Effective advertisements are the key to your church connecting with searching souls online. But, before you commit any money to online ads, it’s important to think through your strategy to optimize the effectiveness of your advertisements. Basically, the better your ads connect with individuals potentially interested in your ministry or church,

choosing church ministry titles

Choosing Church Ministry Titles

Few places on earth are as creative as churches. And that is especially true when it comes to ministry names. Choosing church ministry titles is not always easy. Some churches have picked quite original, and even graphic names. But is it always a good thing?
Like with everything else, the choice of words really matters if you want to have optimal online impact.

church ads

Church Ads Increase Church Web Traffic

So you have your church website, but there doesn’t seem to be many visitors arriving. Is there something wrong with your website? Why isn’t it appearing in Google? Well, the answer is simple. While your web developers have probably done a great job in building your site, driving traffic to your site requires a completely different skill-set. 

Google Keyword Traffic

The Untapped Ministry Potential of Google Keyword Traffic

Jesus and New Ministry
Jesus asked his disciples to be the “light of the world.” This mandate, along with Jesus’ heart for the broken, has led many churches to passionately serve and love their local community. This is why every week churches make difficult decisions about what ministries to start or not start,