Reach up to 35,000 People Per Month with Sermon Ad Grants

Each week, pastors across America share thoughtful messages to inspire hope, personal well being, and spiritual growth. Their sermons are an important resource for people who need some kind of guidance or assistance in their life.

As fewer people attend church each week, churches must find new ways to connect. More and more people do not consider attending church an important part of their week,

Choosing Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Churches


It’s without question that understanding the benefits of both Google Ads and Facebook Ads is important for churches looking to grow. As people are spending more and more time online, churches must find new ways to connect with individuals who are searching for spiritual answers and meet them wherever they are.

Discovery Searches in Google My Business Insights

The Power of Discovery Searches

When one of Google’s users performs a search and is shown the Google My Business listing of a church (or any organization) in their search results, Google records this event as a search impression.
More importantly however, Google also examines the keywords that the user was searching for to categorize the search impression generated as either a direct,

Google Ad Grants Averaging a 927% ROI

In November 2019, our Google Ad Grant team analyzed 104 of the Google Ad Grant Accounts we are managing for churches.  Here are our findings:

Managed Google Ad Grant Performance

Average Return On Investment

Average Monthly Cost for Grant Management

Average Monthly Amount of Google Spend

Average Monthly Impressions Per Church

Average Monthly Click-Throughs to Church Website

Average Click-Through Rate


Online Church Event Promotion

Online Church Event Promotion

Online church event promotion gets the word out to your local area about events your ministry is holding. Churches hold all types of events, both regular and seasonal, so it is vital that they engage in online church event promotion to maximize the attendance at these events. The following table shows some examples of church events that can be successfully promoted online.

church google quality score

Church Google Quality Score

Your Church Google Quality Score matters, although most churches didn’t build their websites with the aim of achieving a high Google Quality Score for important keywords. This results in many churches websites not appearing when people are searching for relevant keywords in Google. It also limits the effectiveness of paid Google Search Campaigns.

Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

11 million people per month are searching Google in the United States to meet their felt needs for crisis support, prayer support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study, nearby churches, life groups, personal finance, and also a variety other services provided by churches.

google search for churches

Google Search Advertising For Churches

Missional Marketing offers Google Search Advertising Campaigns for Churches. These Campaigns are also known as Pay-Per-Click / PPC Campaigns.
This advertising campaign format is incredibly effective because it targets active searchers who have set out to find a church or church ministry.
Church Searchers Are Motivated
On average, people who search for something on Google are more motivated than people who happen to click on a banner ad that catches their eye.

church google grant campaign

Google Church Campaigns and Grants

Google Church Campaigns are vital for modern churches. In this article we’ll start by discussing the Google Grant and how it can grow new visitor web traffic for your church.
Google Grant for Non-Profits

Google offers a grant for non-profits that can be used for Google church pay-per-click campaigns in the Search Network.