Why Your Church Website is a Vital Tool During COVID-19

With COVID-19 causing many churches to be physically closed or operating at a limited capacity, many churches are overcoming these challenges by transitioning to online church.  Across the globe, COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty as to the future. Even though the entire world is experiencing this as a global crisis,

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Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Ad Spend When Your Church Building is Closed (or Limited Capacity)

Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Ad Spend When Your Church Building Is Closed

Although your church building may be physically closed or operating at a lower capacity, this doesn’t mean outreach needs to stop. As a church leader, you may be wondering how much to allocate during COVID-19 to marketing resources. 

Don’t Wait to do Local SEO for your Church [Even though you’re closed due to COVID-19]

This season of social distancing and physical isolation from one another has presented churches with both challenges and opportunities. Pastors and other church leaders accustomed to the joys and benefits of personal contact with their congregations have been forced to re-imagine what “doing church” looks like. That’s been the big challenge.

Missional Marketing helps the Digital Church in This Time of Turmoil

COVID-19 instantly elevated every church website from being its “front door” to being its “only door”

[Phoenix, AZ]: Missional Marketing today announced a new menu of Church Online Digital Services. With churches being forced to move to online services during the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders are searching for solutions to serve their congregations and reach those in need.

Google Ad Grants - Adwords for nonprofits

Google Grants and Online Church: Two opportunities for NEW church growth!

COVID-19 instantly elevated your website from being your church’s “front door” to its “only door”
Many churches are presently taking stock of where they are financially and perhaps heading into cost reduction mode. This is especially true for churches who weren’t prepared with an online church in place prior to the pandemic and thus are scrambling to set it up.

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Four Ways We’re Helping Churches During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these difficult and unsettling times, we’re helping churches navigate new obstacles to providing the hope this world so desperately needs. Our array of online tools and expertise offer church leaders creative solutions to the challenges of social distancing. As the experts in creating and growing the online presence of churches,