The Future of Church Communications

The Future of Church Communications: AI and the Metaverse

Imagine wearing a virtual reality headset and suddenly, you’re inside a beautiful cathedral, seeing other members of the congregation represented by their avatars. You can listen to sermons, participate in hymns, engage in prayer, and socialize with other members, as if you were physically there. It’s already happening, and thanks to the rise of two potent forces – artificial intelligence and the Metaverse – those interested in going to church through VR is rising.

How Churches Should Post on Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the most important pieces of your church’s Local SEO. In a study done by Moz in 2018, it found that GBP Signals (meaning, what your GBP property is telling Google) was the most important contributing factor toward local search rankings. GBP Signals accounted for an estimated 25.12% of what Google used to determine local search rankings,