Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas OnlineLast Updated: July 7th, 2020

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online raises awareness in and around the church.

Churches must get the word out about their outreach initiatives. Google and Facebook provide powerful tools for reaching the current church members and reaching the unchurched and the churchless.

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online

There are 4 important ways of supporting church outreach ideas online:

  1. Google Display Network
  2. Google Search Network
  3. Facebook
  4. Retargeting Network

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online with Google

Google is one of the most powerful tools on the web when it comes to promoting your church so that you increase your online audience. When you are running a campaign with the aim of supporting church outreach ideas using Google, you have two elements that go hand in hand; the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is a network of websites where Google displays ads. Google’s network is enormous, so they have an incredible reach across the web. For this reason, utilizing the Google Display Network is a very effective way to target the unchurched. It works by showing your ads to your target audience in the form of display ads on other websites and apps such as YouTube. Anytime you see an ad on a website you visit, more than likely this is part of the Google Display Network.

To get the most out of your Display Network ads, it is important to deliver the people who click the ad to a relevant landing page. Google loves relevance, so the more relevant the landing page is to the ad, the better your ad will perform.

d300x250-marriagefonf-ccvaz-bannerads   d300x250-carshow-ccv-bannerad


Google Search Network

The Google Search Network goes hand in hand with the Google Display Network, so to implement an effective campaign you should be utilizing both. Whereas the Google Display Network shows ads to your target audience when they are browsing websites online, the Search Network ensures that when people conduct a search on Google that they find your church. The first result on the first page of Google receives the vast majority of the traffic, so it is vital that you are appearing high in the rankings.

You create your Church Google Search Network campaign by firstly creating Ad Groups that contain a number of keywords in each group. Here are some examples of possible ad groups and their related keywords:

Ad GroupKeyword 1Keyword 2
Churchchurches near mechristian churches
Prayerprayer requestprayer chain
Bible Studybible studybible study guide
Marriagemarriage counselingmarriage classes
Parentingparenting classesparenting advice
Preschoolpreschoolpreschool near me
Elementaryelementaryelementary schools near me
Studentsmiddle school activitieshigh school activities
Young Adultsyoung adult activitiesevents for young adults
Men's Activitiesmen's activitiesevents for men
Women's Activitieswomen's activitiesevents for women
Financialbudgetingdebt counseling
Volunteer Oppurtunitiesvolunteer oppurtunitiesvolunteer opportunities near me
Local Missionsserve locallyvolunteer locally
Global Missionsserve overseasvolunteer overseas
Counselingfamily counselingchristian counseling
Griefgrief counselinggrief support
Denominationscatholic churchbaptist church

As already mentioned, Google loves relevant content, so having your Search Network ad leading to a landing page that is optimized for the keywords in your ad group will greatly increase the performance of your ad. Google ranks each ad by determining it’s Quality Score, which is rated on a scale of 1-10, and is based on the relevance and user experience of your ad.

Because of these factors, the more relevant your ad is, then the higher Quality Score it will receive, and the better it will perform. Also, it will even reduce your costs. If two ads are bidding for the same keywords, Google will often prioritize the lower bid if it leads to more relevant content.

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online with Facebook

Facebook is one of the best tools out there for supporting church outreach ideas online. Facebook is a great way to spread your church’s message and to build up a following, and it also allows you to target specific demographics within your community. You can target people based on their age, gender, and interests, so you can really narrow down each segment you want to target. The result is they become aware of your ministry while they are on Facebook. When they click on the ad they go to a Landing Page that gives them more information.

Like the Google Search Network, Facebook is also an excellent way to promote seasonal events at your church, such as Easter, Vacation Bible School, Summer Celebrations, Fall Festivals, and Christmas. Facebook also has the added benefit of people referring you to their friends. People can like and share your posts with their friends and loved ones very easily, so there is always the possibility of extra exposure for your church. Because of this, Facebook marketing can also be a very cost-effective way of reaching your audience.

easter facebook


Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online with Retargeting

Retargeting banner ads are a powerful way to make current church members aware of Church outreach initiatives. This causes people who have visited your church’s website to see the banner ads. This is extremely useful for keeping them informed about outreach activities and events.



Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is an online church advertising technique that deposits a cookie when a person visits a webpage. Once they have been cookied an online ad server can show them banner ads.

supporting church outreach online

Internal Targeting Versus External Targeting

Church Outreach efforts can target either the church’s existing membership or churchless people outside of the walls of the church.

It is common to need a little of both. For example, if a church is doing small Bible groups, they may need to recruit from their membership for group leaders and then recruit outside the walls for group members.

To recruit group leaders, the church can reach the existing members by running Facebook Ads that are targeted only to people who have already liked the church’s Facebook Page. They can also show online banner ads to people who have visited the church’s website.

To recruit group members the church can reach people outside the walls by running a geo-targeted Facebook Ad campaign. They could also run a Church Google Search Display Campaign to find people who are searching in their local area for ‘bible study’. They can also run a geo-targeted banner ad campaign in the Google Display Network to reach people who are surfing the web.


Church Outreach Activities to Support Online

We have helped churches nationwide to support their outreach efforts for the following:

  1. Seasonal Outreach Events
  2. Special Outreach Events
  3. Ministry Outreach
  4. Sermon Events

The table below provides examples of supportable Seasonal Outreach Events online:

Seasonal Outreach EventsTriggered By
Marriage ConferenceValentines Day
Relationship ConferenceValentines Day
Singles EventValentines Day
Easter ServiceEaster
Vacation Bible SchoolSummer
Summer CampSummer
4th of JulySummer
Fireworks EventSummer
Ministry Year Kick-OffBack to School
Fall FestHalloween
Trunk or TreatHalloween

In addition, Special Outreach Events can be effectively supported online:

Special Outreach Events
Guest Speaker or Pastor
Guest Author
Music Event or Guest Music Act
Leadership Event
Marriage Conference
Parenting Conference
Motor Cycle Enthusiast Event
Automobile Enthusiast Event
Drama Workshop
Women's Conference or Retreat
Men's Conference or Retreat
Student Conference

Here is a list of common church Ministries that can be supported online:

Ministry Outreach   
Marriage MinistryPreschool MinistryCare MinistryArt's Ministry
Parenting MinistryKids MinistryDivorce Care MinistrySports Ministry Ministry
Singles MinistryStudents MinistryPost Abortion MinistryCafé
Relationship MinistryAdult MinistryMental Health MinistryBookstore
Life Group MinistrySenior MinistryRecovery Ministry
Prayer MinistryMen's MinistryCounseling Ministry
Bible Study MinistryWomen's MinistryChronic Illness Ministry
Financial MinistryVisitation Ministry

Here is a list of Sermon Events that can be effectively supported online:

Sermon Outreach Events
Marriage Sermons
Parenting Sermons
Relationship Sermons
Addiction and Recovery Sermons
Chronic Illness Sermons
Life Crisis Sermons
Biblical Personal Finance Sermons
Mental Health Sermons

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online with Landing Pages

The people you are trying to reach will be seeking out your church online for a variety of reasons. They could be looking for financial guidance, help with family problems or addiction or many more different reasons, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver them all to the same page of your website, does it? This is why we create landing pages for the different topics that your potential visitors are searching for.

While creating landing pages for each Ad Group that people are searching for will result in a higher Quality Score,  it also delivers the visitors to content that is relevant to their needs, thus increasing their chances of engaging with your church.

Here are some examples of the landing pages we can create:

  • Parenting Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Marriage Support
  • Singles Support
  • Personal Finance
  • Divorce Support

To learn more about landing pages and their benefits, read our article on Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages.

Supporting Church Outreach Ideas Online with Church Website SEO

We have covered the Google Search Network, which is considered Paid Traffic, as you are paying for your ads to appear higher up in the Google Rankings. However, your site can also receive Organic Traffic. With organic traffic, you are enabling people to find your site in Google by having it rank highly without paying for ads. This is achieved through careful optimization of your entire site, and is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Try our new Free Church Website SEO Audit tool to analyse your website, and also to get improvement suggestions.

On Page SEO

The landing pages you create for your ads will help with this because they are already optimized for certain keywords, however you should also optimize the other pages of your site. Follow this SEO checklist to ensure each page reaches its potential for Organic Traffic:

  1. Page Titles: Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site, so write a title that matches the Focus Keyword for the page.
  2. Meta Descriptions: Give your page a Meta Description that is relevant to the Keyword you are optimizing, and also make sure the description contains your focus keyword.
  3. Keyword Placement: Write the Focus Keyword into the first paragraph of the page.
  4. Meta Tags: Tag the pages with keywords so that they match the keywords in the Felt Needs Ad Groups.
  5. Image Tags: Tag images that appear on the page with alternative text so they match the focus Keyword.
  6. URL Structure: Include the Focus Keyword in the page’s URL.
  7. Word-count: Ensure your page has at least 300 words, because Google loves pages with lots of content.
  8. Body Tags: Use headers that contain your focus keyword (H1, H2, etc.).
  9. Keyword Density: Insert your Focus Keyword into your webpage at least once for every 100 words.
  10. Internal Linking: Link to other pages within your site using keywords as anchor text.
SEO with Great Content

Google is a big fan of high quality, unique content, so it is vital to add as much of this as possible to your website. A great way to achieve this is through a blog. A blog can be a great resource for visitors to your site as it can answer many of their commonly asked questions, but it also has the added bonus of improving your SEO, and improving your Google rankings. Your content should always be unique, as Google will penalize duplicate content. Interlinking from your blog posts to other posts can also improve your SEO, as long as the links are relevant. Not only does a blog improve SEO, but it’s also a great tool to deliver great content to your followers.

To learn more, read our Church Website SEO article.  Try our new Free Church Website SEO Audit tool to analyse your website, and also to get improvement suggestions.

To Get Started

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There are 4 important ways of supporting church outreach ideas online:

  1. Google Display Network
  2. Google Search Network
  3. Facebook
  4. Retargeting Network

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