Sermon Shortening ServiceLast Updated: February 25th, 2021

Church has officially left the building and gone digital. The best way to engage your audience and promote your church online in today’s world is through video. Not only is video interactive and engaging, but it also ranks highest in social media algorithms. Essentially, the videos you post are more likely to be seen than images when it comes to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Utilizing videos for social posts and website content is just as necessary as live-streaming your church services. Knowing the benefits of video, now is the time to utilize video beyond Sunday morning with sermon shortening services.

Grab Attention with Short Videos

With the ongoing growth of social media, attention spans are becoming progressively shorter. Social media users have learned to filter through information faster than ever, and today’s average attention span is only 8 seconds (source: This means that it’s extremely important to capture a user’s attention quickly, and short videos are a great way to do that. 

The average church sermon is 45 minutes long, but with Missional Marketing’s sermon shortening service, we’ll take your full-length sermon and shorten it, to provide both 30- to 60- second and 2- to 5-minute videos in ideal size ratios for social platforms. These shortened videos are perfect for social media posts and for embedding directly in webpages. You can even have Missional Marketing run a paid ad campaign using these shortened videos to get them in front of potential new visitors.

Skip the Hassle

Capturing videos for specific posts and website embedding takes extra time that you may not have. By shortening the very sermons that you’re already filming, you don’t have to spend any extra time creating videos. This frees up your time in coming up with other content and is an efficient way to repurpose sermon content you’ve already captured. 

Create an Impact

We make sure to use the most impactful and inviting clips from your sermons to grab a user’s attention and convince them to watch more. Short, impactful videos drive viewers to your accounts and website. Just like the rest of your content, it’s vital to maintain consistent branding that highlights your church’s name, logo, and web URL. Ultimately, consistent branding and customized content work together to make your videos memorable. Missional Marketing’s sermon shortening service simplifies customization and does the work for you.

Post Videos Anywhere

Each 30- to 60-second and 2- to 5-minute video comes in three different sizes to fit the most popular social platforms. The 1×1 square video works great on Instagram and Facebook, while the 16×9 is standard landscape useful for YouTube. Additionally, we provide a 9×16 format meant for Instagram stories. Using multiple sizes allows for consistency across your channels and throughout your social media strategy. Post your shortened sermons on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook/Instagram Story, Twitter, Website, YouTube/Vimeo, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more to broaden your audience. 

Choose Your Plan

If you’re ready to improve your website and social media with better, more impactful videos, we’d love to help you out. We offer our Sermon Shortening Service in three separate packages.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your needs with one of our church growth strategists.


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