SEO Subscription Service

After a church has completed a Church Website SEO project they can keep things tidy by retaining Missional Marketing with an SEO Subscription.
If the church wants us to do the repairs, they can choose from three levels of service.

$450 Per Quarter

$600 Per Quarter

$750 Per Quarter

Monthly SEO ReportEverything in Level IEverything in Level II
Optimize MetatagsFix 3xx ErrorsShorten URL’s that are too Long
Optimize HeadingsFix 4xx ErrorsShorten Titles that are too Long
Place Keywords in TextFix 5xxProvide Missing Descriptions
Optimize URL’sEvaluate Sluggish CodeResolve Duplicate Content
Compress ImagesUpdate CMSResolve Duplicate Titles
Update PluginsResolve Multiple Titles
Check Broken LinksFix Titles that are too Short
Examine Meta NoindexPrompt Client on Thin Content
Resolve Meta NofollowEvaluate Temporary Redirects
Speed Up Slow Pages
Redirect to 4xx
Examine Redirect Chains
Examine Overly Dynamic URLs
Fix Missing Canonical Tags
Examine X-Robots Noindex
Examine X-Robots Nofollow
Perform Meta Refresh
Fix Descriptions that are too Short
Fix Descriptions that are too Long

SEO Details

Monthly SEO Report

We will send the client a monthly report that identifies SEO issues that need to be addressed.

Optimize Metatags

We will perform a deep analysis of the tags that your site is currently using, and perform modifications where necessary. Page titles and META descriptions should be unique for every page, and be optimized to their respective keyword for the best ranking.

Optimize Headings

The headings on each page will also need to be optimized in order to be in line with your ranking goals. We will perform modifications to the headers, and also remove and duplicate H1 tags where necessary.

Place Keywords in Text

We will place your keywords throughout your site to maximizes the site’s ranking potential. Keywords must be placed so that they appear completely organic. They must also be used often enough so that they add value to each page, but not too much that they appear as “keyword stuffing”.

Optimize URL’s

Your URL structure can have a huge bearing on your SEO performance. Our team will optimize your URLs, and perform any redirects necessary.

Fix 301 Errors

We will implement 301 redirects where necessary, and fix any redirect errors that are currently existing.

Fix 404 Errors

404 errors occur when a link leads to a page that has either moved, or no longer exists. We will clean up your site so there are no errors.

Compress Images

The images on most sites are not optimized, so they slow down the website as they load. This in turn affects SEO. We optimize every image, which dramatically improves site performance.

Evaluate Sluggish Code

Poorly written code can also slow down your website. Our team will evaluate your website for sluggish code, and perform improvements where necessary. This includes minifying your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

Update CMS

To perform to its optimum, your CMS should always be fully updated. We will perform the latest updates to the system and ensure there are no errors during the update process.

Update Plugins

Just like the CMS, Plugins have to be updated to their latest versions for optimal performance. However, there can be issues updating plugins that can harm your site. We take care of these updates for you to maximize your website’s security.

Check Broken Links

Links that lead to pages that are no broken or have been removed are bad for SEO, and should be tidied up where necessary.

Examine Overly Dynamic URLs

Content management systems can dynamically create URLs for certain pages, but often they are not at all SEO friendly. For example, is not a friendly URL. We can change how your CMS creates these URLs, to make them more friendly going forward.

Examine Redirect Chains

A redirect chain is where a page is redirected to another page that is also redirected. This is bad for SEO, and both pages should be redirected directly to the destination page.

Redirect to 4xx

If you do not have a 404 page set up, we can set one up for you. It is a good idea to have a dedicated 404 page, just in case anything breaks in your site.

Speed Up Slow Pages

Load speed is a big indicator for Search Engines, so it is vital your website is performing to its best. We can help to speed up slow pages through image and code optimization.

Evaluate Temporary Redirects

If you have temporary redirects in place, we will evaluate whether they should remain or be changed to permanent redirects.

Prompt Client on Thin Content

A page should have at least 200 words, and realistically a closer to 1000 for good SEO. This is not possible on certain pages, but we will advise on which pages could be improved.

Fix Titles that are too Short or too Long

Your page titles should always be between 50-60 characters.

Resolve Duplicate Titles

Each page should have a unique title. Our team will resolve all duplicate titles.

Resolve Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content on your site is a big no-no from an SEO point of view. Whether you have content that was taken from another website, or even content that is used multiple times throughout your site, it should be removed. It could result in a penalty from Google.

Resolve Multiple Titles

A page should only ever have one title. If your page has more than one, it hinders Google’s crawl and will hurt your rankings.

Provide Missing Descriptions

Every page needs a META description that describes to users and to Google what the page is about. These should be unique to every page, and if you are missing them, our team can create them for you.

Fix Descriptions that are too Long or Short

The ideal length for a meta description is between 135-160 characters. Any more or less and it will not be displayed correctly, so our team fixes these errors.

Shorten URL’s that are too Long

URLs should be as short and as shallow as possible. A URL should also not contain any unnecessary words. Our team will optimize all URLs to conform with SEO guidelines.

Examine Meta Noindex

We examine the code of your pages to ensure every page is indexable by Google.

Resolve Meta Nofollow

We also examine the code for NoFollows, and make sure they are only used where appropriate.

Fix Missing Canonical Tags

Canonical tags help Google find the original piece of content if you have similar pages on your website.

Examine X-Robots Noindex & Nofollow

We will examine your robots.txt to ensure that Google can effectively crawl and index your site.

We can also include additional SEO Services in a custom quote. These services include:

Focused Keyword Targeting: The church can choose ministry related keywords they want us to optimize towards and we’ll do so.

Keyword Research: We can perform detailed keyword research and analysis to provide the church with high value blogging keywords.

Off Page SEO: Building links from external websites is a vital part of SEO. However, if not done correctly, spammy links can permanently harm your site. We can help you build links from high authority sites.

Digital Brand Monitoring: We will monitor your brand online, so that any mention of your church or it’s staff online can be immediately addressed.

Review gathering: We can collect any potential harmful reviews that may have been left online and quickly address them.

Our Church Website SEO Subscriptions will retain and improve your church ranking in Google searches.