Our Reseller Program

Christian agencies and media interested in our 3rd Party Reseller Program can learn more about our reseller policies and procedures below.

About our Reseller Program

Missional Marketing offers wholesale pricing to agency and media partners who align with the following outlined requirements. This includes Christian digital marketing agencies and Christian broadcasting companies.

As a Christian marketing agency, Missional Marketing specializes in reaching the unchurched and building the kingdom of God through online tools. We specialize in online tools that help bring new guests into the local church’s front doors. We selectively partner with like-minded organizations looking to benefit from our expertise in tools that will enhance and improve the online presence of nonprofits and churches.

Reseller Program Process

Christian agencies and media interested in our 3rd Party Reseller Program can learn more about our reseller policies and procedures below. We want to take the time necessary to ensure that every strategic partnership is a positive experience for all parties involved and that every organizational reseller is fully equipped for success. Please note that only Christian agencies with well organized existing sales staffing will be considered for our reseller program.

1. Shared Values

Share Values

Our first step will be to develop a relationship with your organization to determine if a strategic partnership would be a good fit for both organizations. We are only interested in working for end-clients that are churches and Christian nonprofits; therefore we only partner with other Christian agencies and media.

2. Determine Appropriate Products

Create a Product

Once we have established a partnership, we will assess your priorities. Together we will determine which Missional Marketing products best fit your organizational needs. We offer a wide variety of online tools that can improve a church’s online presence, drive website traffic, and promote engagement.

3. Train and Support Your Sales Team

Train my Sales Team

Our next step is to train your team on the Missional Marketing products you plan to sell. Our aim is to equip your sales staff with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively sell the tools. The staff at Missional Marketing will also be available to answer any questions that may arise and offer some availability for client meetings when needed.

4. Create a Church Report Designed for You

Create a Report

We will then create a church report designed specifically for your organization. This report can be used to talk through a church’s online presence and naturally directs conversations towards online improvements, acting as a useful sales aid for your team.

5. Develop a Page for Your Organization to Order Reports and Products

Develop my Organization

A page will also be developed for your organization to easily reference product information, order church reports, and indicate production orders. Our goal is to set you up for success by helping you stay organized in the process.

Benefits of the Reseller Program

Organizations enrolled in our reseller program will receive multiple benefits including:

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Special pricing will be offered to every Missional Marketing reseller. It is worth noting that there is no retail pricing on Missional Marketing’s website so you don’t need to worry about the end-clients bypassing your firm.
  • Near White Label Production

    We will try to ensure production is branded to each reseller as much as possible. However the reality is that we are also visible to your clients. That said, we are fiercely loyal to our partners and would never intentionally allow an end-client to bypass your firm.
  • Full Product Support

    Missional Marketing will do everything possible to ensure your sales success by providing you with adequate training and ongoing support.
  • Shared Insight

    Besides supporting your organization’s success with churches, we also hope to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship where we can share insights and processes that can improve both companies.

Example Products

As Missional Marketing’s client base grows, we continue to dream up new products designed to help churches improve their online presence. Currently, we can build websites, improve local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), manage interruptive online advertising campaigns,ensure site security and speed, and identify and improve any issue limiting traffic to a church’s website. Two of our most commonly offered products are listed below:


Local SEO is an essential first step to increase a church’s online presence. Improving local SEO will increase a church’s visibility in local search results for search terms like “church near me” and “local church.” This goal is accomplished in year one by: 1. managing Google My Business, 2. adding Schema Markup Code to a church’s website, and 3. claiming and cleaning up 50 directory citations. In year two of the subscription, the service offering deepens by adding review and reputation management. You can learn more about this product here.


Google offers an advertising grant of up to $10,000 per month for nonprofits, including churches. This funding can be used toward pay-per-click campaigns within Google Adwords. Ads are shown to individuals searching Google every day and can be geared to answer specific questions of faith that people in your community are asking. Ads will direct searchers back to the ministries of your church. The Google Ad Grant has many regulations in place to ensure that it is being used effectively. Because of this, applying for and managing the grant can be complex and time consuming. Our Eligibility Checker Tool assists in determining whether or not your church is eligible for this grant, and if so, what further steps need to be taken to apply. You can learn more about this product here.


We have a great reseller relationship with The Light Digital. They are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our primary contact is Paul Benton.