Recommended Partner Program

Here at Missional Marketing, we’re especially interested in healthy church growth. We know that continual growth is multifaceted and requires many parties working together towards a single goal. We see church growth as intentionally cultivating those things that attract the new, while simultaneously fostering an environment in which active participants wish to stay.

With this in mind, we focus on bringing new guests into churches’ front doors while seeking out strategic partners specialized in keeping active church-goers from leaving - or “closing the church’s back door”, as we like to put it. These partners include experts in first impressions and generosity, life group and small group consultants, church growth consultants, church capital providers, and many others.

Recommended Partners
We strongly value our relationships with strategic partners focused on Kingdom-building solutions for churches. Our shared commitment to a common goal is the real “strategy” behind the strategic partnership, allowing each of us, as partners, to do what we do best.

We’re always open to partnering with individuals and groups characterized by a certain set of attributes. We’ve found these particular traits in our strongest relationships, yielding both tangible results and positive outcomes. These existing partnerships now serve as the model for what we seek as we continue to grow the Missional Marketing brand.

Our ideal strategic partners possess the following attributes:
  • They help to “close the church’s back door”. Through a focus on guest experience, team management, financial support, and leadership development, they help to keep the church happy and healthy, thereby decreasing attrition.
  • They have established relationships with progressive, growth-oriented churches in the United States and Canada. They’ve helped build healthy churches and have solid references from their existing relationships.
  • They have good relationships with executives at their client churches. They’ve proven that they’re valuable assets to their client churches and have earned executive respect.
  • They have strong web traffic of 1,000 visits or more per month from church staffers.
  • They have a willingness to introduce their clients to other strategic partners. They know that exponential growth happens in tandem with other like-minded organizations.
  • They have annual sales between 1 and 5 million dollars.
For over a decade, we’ve had the privilege of serving hundreds of churches across the country, each one in a different stage of growth. We speak with new churches every week, learning all about their situations and struggles. We’re intimately familiar with the problems churches face and the solutions they need to overcome them. Along with our many years of experience and expert knowledge, here’s what Missional Marketing brings to our strategic partnerships:
  • As specialists in bringing new guests through the local church’s front door, we’re focused on helping our clients grow their web presence in ways that produce measurable results. With a passionate and visionary Board of Directors providing oversight and strategy and a team of highly skilled church growth strategists, we work tirelessly to reach unchurched populations.
  • We have established relationships with progressive, growth-oriented churches in the United States. We serve countless churches across the nation and have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We know when to replicate our proven processes while keeping in mind that every client, small or large, needs customized solutions to fit their specific needs.
  • We have great relationships with executives at our client churches. Our track record is strong. We have long-standing clients who have seen the value of our services and church executives who understand what we do and how we do it.
  • We have strong web traffic of 1,000 visits or more per month from church staffers.
  • We have a willingness to introduce our clients to other strategic partners. We want to help grow your business as you help us grow ours, and we make good on that commitment.
  • We have annual sales between 1 and 5 million dollars.

Here are some things we like to do with recommended partners:

We know that partnerships are only as strong as each party’s willingness to champion one another. Mortar Stone, a generosity management solution, is one of our exemplary partners. Mortar Stone has helped thousands of churches manage billions of dollars from millions of givers. Mortar Stone Logo Through data analytics, generosity coaching, and onsite training, Mortar Stone knows what churches need to grow their giving base and increase giving overall. Outlined below are some key highlights from this partnership which reflect the activities we pursue with all our recommended partners.

For starters, we use our online presence to promote our partners’ service offerings. We add each other to the “Recommended Partner” page on our websites. Since our monthly web traffic is mutually strong, we know the value of partner mentions on our pages.

We blog about each other. We also look for opportunities to link to each other within our website’s other content. More often than not, churches aren’t even aware of the types of tools that exist to solve their current challenges. While they may find marketing and advertising solutions at Missional Marketing first, it’s very likely we’ll recognize their need for other solutions along the way. Mortar Stone’s expertise becomes an answered prayer for these clients, or vice versa. As we highlight each other, we expand awareness of service offerings available to churches.

We co-write articles that can be published and/or used as PDF downloads. We’re currently co-writing an article with Mortar Stone called “Measuring What Matters.” As two leaders in the industry, Missional Marketing and Mortar Stone are uniquely positioned to speak to metrics as they relate to churches and ministries specifically. Missional Marketing knows the power of analytics to drive engagement, which in turn, helps us to reach the unchurched. Mortar Stone is an expert at converting insight into action, knowing that church strategy requires solid data as a foundation for decision-making.

We look for opportunities to host webinars/podcasts for or with each other. We leverage a variety of platforms to broaden our audience. As of late 2019, a webinar called “Measuring What Matters” is in the works with Mortar Stone to accompany our co-written article.

We do personal introductions via telephone and email. We are a relationship-based business and we know the value of talking through things person-to-person, so we prefer to establish those working relationships right out of the gate. We want our partners to feel at ease in picking up the phone and giving us a call.

Partner With Us

We're constantly seeking out like-minded organizations that share our passion for healthy church growth and see the value in strategic partnerships. We believe there is truly no limit to what we can achieve together, using our gifts as we grow the Kingdom. If you'd like to discuss partnering with us, please do not hesitate to reach us using the button below. Contact Us