Reach up to 35,000 People Per Month with Sermon Ad GrantsLast Updated: September 2nd, 2020

Each week, pastors across America share thoughtful messages to inspire hope, personal well being, and spiritual growth. Their sermons are an important resource for people who need some kind of guidance or assistance in their life.

As fewer people attend church each week, churches must find new ways to connect. More and more people do not consider attending church an important part of their week, nor see it as important in their life. Many millennials do not see the church as a primary source of their spiritual growth.

That being said, many people are still actively looking for spiritual guidance. In fact, regardless of church attendance, people continue to search for answers to life’s biggest questions online. 

At Missional Marketing, we’re helping churches tap into that online community by sharing sermon videos with a large audience. We’re now offering a way to boost the visibility of your sermons using our tailored Sermon Ad Grant service.

What is the Sermon Ad Grant? 

We created the Sermon Ad Grant as a way of combining the generosity and power of Google with our very own Sermon Video Library service. 

Think of it as “Netflix for churches” with the added benefit of having Google pay for your online advertising. Did you know that Google offers churches up to $10,000 per month to spend on ads – for free?

How to Use the Sermon Ad Grant

In order to use the Sermon Ad Grant, your church will need to sign up for our Sermon Video Library service and apply for a Google Ad Grant. Churches that already have a Google Ad Grant managed by Missional Marketing will only need to add a Sermon Video Library.

Missional Marketing will then package everything together into a fully-managed Sermon Ad Grant which is tailored to the needs of your church. 

We’ll set up and manage your Google Ad Grant and advertising campaigns on your behalf. We’ll also create targeted ads that are designed to drive people to your sermon videos. Those videos are published using the Sermon Video Library. 

Reach the Unchurched with the Sermon Ad Grant  

As your church adds a new sermon video series each month into the Sermon Video Library, we’ll launch a new ad campaign associated with it within your Google Ad Grant account. In this way, we’ll leverage your sermon content as a powerful driver of new website traffic.

When people search for various topics on Google, it’s very common to see an advertisement as the top result. If someone enters a keyword or phrase contained in one of your sermons, they might be shown an ad for your sermon and then click to play the video. 

Using the Sermon Ad Grant, your church will be able to connect with thousands more people than any Sunday service ever could. Why settle for hundreds when your church has the ability to reach thousands on a weekly basis? 

What are the results?

Sermon Ad Grants have been used to amplify the contributions that churches receive from the Google Ad Grant. 

On average, our Sermon Ad Grant clients are receiving 20% more value than clients who only use a Google Ad Grant – that’s an additional $2,000 per month in advertising. 

Sermon Ad Grants

To give you an idea of how powerful this combination can be, some of our Sermon Ad Grant clients receive contributions from Google up to 300% more than the standard Google Ad Grant. 

Sermon Ad Grant clients also noticed that the number of people clicking on their ads increased by around 20% on average. That’s thousands of additional sermon video playbacks.

Why? Because they’re combining our Sermon Video Library with the Google Ad Grant. 

In addition, this strategy ensures that every sermon video will continue to impact people’s lives through time. 

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One of our experts would be glad to discuss how the Sermon Ad Grant can help your church reach thousands of people each month. 

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