Powerful Church SEO Content Tool

Powerful Church SEO Content ToolLast Updated: April 2nd, 2020

Have you ever wondered if you are sending the right message with your website? What about how successful you are with being heard online? With our powerful church SEO content tool, answer those questions and find ways to improve your online presence!

So, What Does It Do?

Think of it as your website’s doctor. For your site to be healthy and productive, it needs to be able to reach people and communicate to them what you wish you could tell them face to face. Your website doctor, AKA our powerful church SEO content tool, can take a look and assess if it does what it is supposed to.

Our tool takes a close look at your website and detects the presence of commonly searched ministry related keywords. Those are words people look for when in need of something you offer through your church. It looks to your headings, Meta description, URLs, and text.

To come back to our medical analogy, we are basically giving your website an X-ray to determine its overall health. Then, you receive a score from 0% to 100% for each selected keyword group. You only need to select whichever ministries apply to your church.

Simple Use, Great Result

All you have to do is fill out our form to the best of your knowledge and press “Run Report.” That’s it! It takes less than a minute to do. From there, the tool starts working for you, crawling your website in search of all the information it needs to provide you with a report.

With this powerful tool, you can find out how your message comes across and what you are truly telling your visitors. The information provided can help you refocus your content in a way that has more impact for those visiting your website.

Once that is done, you can connect with our experts. They will be happy to help you make the best of your online ministry. You might see your church website as a simple informational page, but it definitely is a great ministry opportunity. Make the most of it!

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