Retaining SEO Juice when migrating to a new church website

Your church has probably spent years building organizational trust with Google. Over time, as Google has determined your church to be the most relevant answer to various searches, they have sent more and more traffic your way.

Unfortunately all of this online trust or “SEO juice” and the accompanying extra traffic to your church website can be lost in an instant when migrating to a new church website.

If you are considering a new church website (even in the next few months), you need to first get a crawl of your present website. This crawl acts like a snapshot that will show you every single destination within your site at a specific moment in time. As you set up your new website, this crawl can be used determine what 301 redirects should be established to point from the essential pages of your old site to their now differing locations on your new site. By doing this, you will ensure you will continue receiving relevant Google traffic and not lose SEO juice.

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