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Your homepage and Plan a Visit pages are among the most important pages of your site. These are the pages that new visitors visit first, and where they form their first impression of your church. arrow

Home & Plan a Visit Page Refresh

As experts in building church websites, we’re often asked what churches can do to give their site a “facelift” if budgets and planning procedures don’t allow for a brand new site. Whenever this happens, we recommend a Homepage and Plan a Visit church website refresh.

We understand that churches grow at different speeds, and if your church is falling behind when it comes to offering a great first impression and user experience online - we want to help.

Thanks to our years of experience in analyzing church website conversions, analytics, and user behaviors, we know the most important elements of your site for engaging web traffic and producing in-person visits. From crucial menu items to above-the-fold content and absolutely imperative calls-to-action, we know just what your website needs to start working for you.

Want to know more about the most important components of an effective church homepage and Plan a Visit page? Check out these examples for the fictitious Missional Church:
Sample Church Homepage Mockup Thumbnail
Sample Church Plan a Visit Page Mockup Thumbnail
Let the church web development experts at Missional Marketing give your site a boost with our Homepage and Plan-a-Visit Page Refresh.

Here’s how this game-changing website refresh can help your church grow:

No more money wasted on paid ad campaigns that send web traffic to a lackluster first impression
Increased engagement of your new website visitors will lead to more page views and conversions
Improved online user experience will lead to more in-person visits
Clearer expectations (or “what to expect”) established before a first visit will make for a more positive experience at the church
By eliminating confusing elements, addressing poor layout, and updating out-of-date design, your site will reflect a more inviting and appealing community

By focusing our efforts on these two key pages, we’ll create a conversion path that’s proven to work, leading your new church website visitors from your homepage to a seat in your church.

Here’s how we’ll transform your church website into your most powerful asset for growth:

The work begins with a project kick-off call to discuss your church’s unique details when it comes to the new visitor experience so that we can create customized page content that best reflects your church.

We’ll ask you questions like:

  • Where do new visitors park?
  • Where can new visitors ask for information or assistance?
  • Where is the kids' check-in?

Depending on your website platform or CMS (content management system), we’ll then either perform the necessary web development work ourselves or produce a complete mockup with detailed instructions and checklists to give your developer. Our instructions will address all the recommended changes, including those for analytics, metadata, and conversion goals.

Before & After: City Awakening Church

Want to see an example of our work? Check out the screenshots below of a fully "refreshed" church homepage.


Before Screenshot Thumbnail


After Screenshot Thumbnail

If you need a new church website but don’t have the funds for a complete rebuild, our Church Homepage & Plan a Visit Page Refresh is the very best way to make a major impact on a budget. We believe your site should be one of your organization’s most valuable assets for growth, and we’ll help you get there. Contact us today to get started on your church’s website transformation.

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