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MortarStone Helps Churches Build Funds that Fuel Online MinistryLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Churches in the Digital Age

In the “digital age”, it’s absolutely critical for a church’s survival to maintain an effective online presence. This work entails the management of a user-friendly church website, the establishment of a Google My Business account, and the ongoing performance of digital outreach through various forms of online advertising. While these responsibilities are essential, understanding the complex tasks related to the upkeep of a church’s online presence can be overwhelming for any organization. Furthermore, many churches face shrinking budgets and uneven distribution of financial giving, thereby making it impossible to afford the ongoing cost of improving their online assets. Fortunately for these churches, MortarStone is prepared to revolutionize giving within your church to help fuel online ministry.

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MortarStone Builds Generosity

MortarStone helps churches of all sizes and denominations assess and increase generosity within the church. Their powerful suite of tools, insights, and coaching provide effective strategies to improve financial giving as you build disciples. MortarStone’s dynamic software will help your track real-time giving from new, lapsed, and core givers alike. As a result, MortarStone will help your church reach its full giving potential.

Discipleship Fueled Giving

MortarStone believes that generous communities are created through discipleship. The Bible explains how generosity is an expression of a person’s heart. This means that as a church leads its congregants into a fully-devoted relationship with Jesus, giving will increase, and this increase can be a good indicator of overall church health and maturity. The more knowledge your church has about financial giving, the clearer the picture you’ll gain about discipleship within your congregation.

Taking the Next Step

If your church struggles with its online presence and you question whether or not you can afford digital outreach, we strongly encourage you to check out MortarStone. They’re well equipped to help you address your organization’s financial health to help fuel ministry both within the church and online.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the MortarStone website, or click below to use their FREE Church Health Audit.

MortarStone’s Church Health Audit offers a comprehensive analysis of your church’s growth and retention data. Your free report will give you valuable feedback and help you to know how your congregation compares to others across the country. The knowledge you’ll gain will offer powerful insight into your own congregation. Consider partnering with MortarStone today to help your church reach its full financial potential.

Free Church Health Audit

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