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The Untapped Ministry Potential of Google Keyword TrafficLast Updated: May 1st, 2020

Jesus and New Ministry

Jesus asked his disciples to be the “light of the world.” This mandate, along with Jesus’ heart for the broken, has led many churches to passionately serve and love their local community. This is why every week churches make difficult decisions about what ministries to start or not start, to meet local needs. But, here’s the big question: how does a church determine what new ministries are needed in their city? More specifically, how has your church decided what new ministries are important to start? And how can your website benefit from Google Keyword Traffic from these ministries?

There are many reasons a church begins a new ministry. Maybe Bob the congregant suddenly has a heart for people in prison and wants to find a way to serve them. Or, as a church planter you’ve developed a heart for serving children after being a youth pastor for the last few years. As a pastor, maybe you’ve noticed a growing number of individuals in your congregation struggling with addiction or loss so feel the need to start something new to serve them. These are all great reasons to start a specific ministry as a way to serve your local community.

But, as anyone who’s ever begun a community ministry will tell you, just because a congregant has a sudden passion to plant trees, or start a food pantry, doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate need in the community.

A Powerful Tool for Ministry: Google Keyword Traffic

There’s a tool your church can begin using that will increase your ability to determine what ministries are truly needed where you live. This tool may not be the only deciding factor, but should be discussed using before beginning any new ministry in the church. The tool is Google Keyword Traffic.

Google Keyword Traffic refers to how often people search for specific words (keywords) on Google’s search engine. Google pays a lot of attention to what people are searching for in a specific area so it can determine the most appropriate ads to show while scrolling the Internet. But, imagine the ministry potential and power your church could possess if you knew specifically what people were searching for in your city. What needs? What issues? And what questions? Imagine how this could affect, not only your upcoming sermon series, but your decisions about future ministries as well.

Ministry Searches in the U.S.

Check out the following table. It shows how many people are searching for various “ministries” in the U.S. each month.  

Monthly Google Searches by Ministry In U.S.

Purpose176400Golf13270Foster Care105980
Jesus Christ148870Adventure Sports245600Special Needs2060
Holy Spirit96900Cheer58020Parenting28400
Small Groups9340Grief267300Work Place/Careers270010
Christian Singles27010Cancer7810Bible Study76000
Young Adults22180Alcohol Recovery391600Daily Devotional165480
Daycare708200Post Traumatic941500Food Pantry148800
Youth Summer Activities237100Attention Deficit841000Thrift Store1120000
Kindergarten219900Bipolar Disorder1131500Local Missions75140
Preschool244290Obsessive Compulsive1141500Global Missions3390
Students (Middle & High)16160Premarital122460Coffee Shop511450

This table alone sheds light on potential ministries needed in the U.S. based on what people are actually searching for. Look at the top 5 ministry keywords searched for in the U.S.

  1. Anxiety: 1,474,000
  2. Depression: 1,264,000
  3. Bipolar Disorder: 1,131,500
  4. Thrift Store: 1,120,000
  5. Post Traumatic: 941,500 

This powerful information can help determine major ministry needs in our country. Maybe, instead of beginning a homeless shelter, your church should start a Thrift Store. Or, instead of beginning a divorce recovery ministry, your church needs a ministry dedicated to mental illness and counseling. The better a church understands what people are actually searching for in their area, the more effective their church will become at serving their local community. Understanding the Google Keyword Traffic in your area will play an important role in helping your church know if a new ministry is needed or not.

The Takeaway

Understanding Google Keyword Traffic for Churches in your area can play a major role in determining future ministries. This is because church leaders have amazing access to information about the needs of their local community. Google may use this information for ads, but you can use this information to dramatically change people’s lives.

There’s a good chance the concept of using Google Keyword Traffic is new to you. The good news is we’re here to help. Missional Marketing has helped hundreds of churches navigate the ever-changing online world through website audits and are helping optimize a church’s overall presence online. We would love to help your church determine the most effective potential ministries for your area, along with effectively positioning you online to reach those searching for them.

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