Make Church Ministries Visible on Google and Facebook

In a dark world, it is important to let your light shine, so now is the time to make church ministries visible on Google and Facebook. Online Church marketing is a very beneficial way to inform your community of your ministries, such as your energetic youth ministry, fruitful marriage ministry, and an active missionary ministry. In today’s internet-driven culture, some of the best forms of online church outreach occur through organic optimization and paid advertising campaigns on Google, and also on Facebook.

Make Church Ministries Visible on Google and Facebook with Organic Optimization

Through proper website optimization, it’s possible to reach people without paid advertising campaigns. Effectively optimized church websites appear organically on the first page of Google’s search results, and as a result, internet users are most likely to view these pages. According to Hubspot, 75 % of search engine users never scroll past the first page of search results. If it doesn’t show up on page one, it’s likely that prospective attendees won’t see your church’s page at all.

There are a number of ways to achieve organic optimization on Google. Firstly, organic optimization occurs when your church website has interesting and relevant content. Your organic optimization can also get a boost when others share links to your website’s content. Finally, you can boost your organic rankings by optimizing your web page’s meta tags, description tags and so on.

When both search engines and website visitors notice that your church website has high-quality and relevant content, then your church website is effectively optimized. To raise the profile of a website in the eyes of Google, organic optimization is a vital long term strategy.

Facebook’s Audience Optimization tool is an organic targeting feature that helps with marketing your church on Facebook. It allows churches to reach targeted audiences, and also to improve post engagement without payment.

Here are some examples of common ministries that are often found in the church:

Ministry Outreach   
Marriage MinistryPreschool MinistryCare MinistryArt's Ministry
Parenting MinistryKids MinistryDivorce Care MinistrySports Ministry Ministry
Singles MinistryStudents MinistryPost Abortion MinistryCafé
Relationship MinistryAdult MinistryMental Health MinistryBookstore
Life Group MinistrySenior MinistryRecovery Ministry
Prayer MinistryMen's MinistryCounseling Ministry
Bible Study MinistryWomen's MinistryChronic Illness Ministry
Financial MinistryVisitation Ministry

Make Church Ministries Visible on Google and Facebook with Paid Advertising

Community members should be informed of all of a church’s flourishing ministries.  Paid advertising on Church Facebook Ads and Church Google AdWords notifies the people who will benefit the most from your ministries. It’s possible to rapidly increase the traffic a church website receives through paid advertising.

On Google, your church’s website will be advertised to thousands of people who search relevant issues. Church Facebook Ads displays your ad in the Facebook news feeds for thousands of prospective attendees and supporters.  Both Church Facebook Ads and Church Google AdWords can link prospective church partners to your church’s website, which will help them learn more about your church and encourage them to attend. It’s important to keep people informed of the church’s efforts. If they are not, they could miss out on the opportunity to benefit and grow spiritually from its ministry.

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