Live Streaming Church with Facebook and Youtube

Live Streaming Church with Youtube and FacebookLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Learning to live stream is essential for every church today. The two most popular places to send your church service live stream are Youtube and Facebook. These social platforms were created for engagement and sharing. They’re perfect places for churches today to connect with their congregants and reach their community. The good news is that live streaming church with Youtube and Facebook has never been easier!

Planning to Live Stream

When considering broadcasting your church services on Youtube and Facebook, you will first need to make a few decisions:

  1. Do we want to stream our services live or pre-record and play our pre-recorded video at certain times?
  2. Do we plan to show an entire church service or only the sermon?
  3. Do we have the ability/time/money to invest in higher quality streaming options?

What You Need to Live Stream on Youtube and Facebook

Streaming your church services on Youtube and Facebook doesn’t have to be complex or scary. Really, all you need is a phone or tablet and an internet connection. You can then follow the steps below to live stream your services. Go ahead and try it out now. Use the directions below to say hi to your church through your phone or laptop. Let them know you’re preparing for and excited about Sunday!

Streaming Church Services Live on Facebook

  • Go to your church’s official Facebook page.
  • Click on the “Live Video” button (It will try to find a camera).
  • Once your video and sound are working click the “Go Live” button on the bottom right of the screen.
  • When you end your video you will be given a few options. Make sure to save your video to potentially edit and upload it to other places later.

On a Laptop

Live Streaming from Facebook

Streaming Church Services Live on Youtube

  • Go to your church Youtube channel
  • Click on “Youtube studio” on your Youtube channel.
  • Click on “Channel”, then “Advanced Channel Settings”.
  • Make sure live streaming is enabled.
  • When you are ready to stream- at the top of the screen, click on the little camera button with a plus symbol in it. Doing so will bring up 3 options. Click, “Go live”.
  • This will bring up a screen where you can create a title and make other privacy-related choices for your video.

On a Laptop

Live Streaming from Youtube on a Laptop

On a Smartphone

Live Streaming from Youtube on a Smartphone

A Note About Sound

Quality sound is essential. People will tune out from a video due to poor sound quality faster than they would for poor video quality. Take some time and think about how you plan to record your church service’s sound. If you are just beginning, simply recording using your phone or tablet microphone may be your best bet. But, this coming week, consider options to increase sound quality.

Live Streaming to Multiple Platforms

As you begin live streaming for the first time, choose one platform to start. But, eventually your church should consider streaming to every platform possible, especially Youtube and Facebook. Unfortunately, there is not a free and easy way to live stream to multiple platforms. The easiest way to stream to multiple platforms is by using Vimeo Premium.

We Can Help

Missional Marketing is ready to help your church stream live this Sunday! We can walk your church through the steps necessary to stream quickly and then help you plan a long-term solution that will meet your budget and technical ability.

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