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Keep Your Audience Engaged with Sermon SnippetsLast Updated: April 1st, 2021

It’s no surprise that video performs the best out of all content on social media. Odds are, any time you scroll through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you’ve seen a video almost immediately on your feed. Videos rank the highest on all social media platforms and are the best way to increase engagement on your accounts. Missional Marketing’s Sermon Snippet Service pulls out snippets of your sermons that are perfect to post on your accounts to increase user engagement.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is a term used to explain the way individuals respond to and interact with your content. Unlike impressions, which measure the number of individuals that see your content, audience engagement measures interactions with your account. Engagement rates tell marketers the percentage of followers that interact with your content by dividing the number of engagements by the number of followers you have. This statistic is extremely valuable because it reveals how invested your followers are, and how well they relate to and appreciate your posts. Because videos rank the highest on social algorithms and are typically more exciting and impactful than other forms of content, they receive the highest levels of engagement.

Sermon Snippets for Social Media
Sermon Snippets

Although leveraging video is an incredible way to engage with your audience, not all video is created equal. On various social media platforms, there are limits on the length of videos you can post. For example, Instagram feed videos are limited to one minute before they must be posted to IGTV. Additionally, with the 6-second attention span of the 21st century, using shortened video is important when capturing the attention of your target audience. More specifically, long sermons aren’t always well suited for social media. With this in mind, Missional Marketing is now offering a service that creates sermon snippets, or shortened videos. Our Sermon Shortening Service creates 2 to 5-minute and 30 to 60-second clips of your sermons that are perfect for use in social media.

Increase Engagement with Sermon SnippetsSermon Snippets

Knowing that video performs best on all social media platforms, it only makes sense to post videos as much as possible. At the end of the day, audiences desire content that benefits them in some way, whether it’s emotional, practical, comedic, and so on, people are naturally born consumers who desire personal attention and gain. Audience interaction with content boils down to fulfilling this subconscious desire for consumption. Creating shortened videos from the content you already have covering these highly personal and beneficial topics is the most efficient strategy to keep your online audience engaged. We use the best clips from your sermons to create insightful and inviting videos that teach, present solutions, provide support, and more. Engaging sermon snippets ultimately result in likes, comments, shares, and saves–all of which increase interactions.

Start Posting Sermon Snippets Today

With the necessity of the streamed church, each Sunday provides endless amounts of content. Our Sermon Snippet Service simplifies capturing and creating videos for social media by tapping into the content you already have, saving you time and hassle. If you’re ready to step up your church social media, leave it to us! We can’t wait to put our strategy and tools to work for your church.

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