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Increase your Web Traffic by Delivering Relevant Content with Church Landing PagesLast Updated: April 2nd, 2020

Landing pages can increase web traffic to your church’s website. Church Landing pages are stand-alone pages with one focus keyword in mind. Their design allows them to load as quickly as possible. The benefit of these strategic aspects is that Google can more easily see a landing page because it is focused on one specific topic.

Google is always scouring the internet for the most relevant data to offer those searching. They’ll look for specific keywords within each web page. Many web pages communicate mixed content. They are sending mixed messages and Google doesn’t like that. They want their users to find specific content for their search.

This means a web page speaks about many subjects so Google can’t understand what the page is really about. If Google is unclear about a page, it is not likely to refer it to someone who is making a precise search.

Landing Pages for Web Traffic

Landing pages are laser-focused on one specific keyword. For example, if you have a men’s ministry, then you can create a landing page dedicated specifically to that ministry. Then, when a person in the community does a web search for men’s ministry, Google will help sending them to your men’s ministry landing page.

Using landing pages for your church and church ministries will increase web traffic to your church’s website overall. The more landing pages you have on your site, the higher the chances Google will send people to your site. In this way, landing pages can easily increase web traffic to your church’s website.

More traffic to your site means more people knowing about your church. More people knowing about your church means more people visiting you and a certain increase in attendance. If you’re hoping to increase traffic to your church’s website, consider creating church landing pages for each of your church’s ministries.

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