Increase Your Church Event Impact with a Press Release

Increase Your Church Event Impact with a Press ReleaseLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

During His well-known sermon on the mount, Jesus reminded His people that they were “the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14, NLT) This text applies to all churches, and is why we want to help you reach your community through our Church Press Release Services.

When you hear the name of certain companies or brands, they carry weight and meaning. How do people react when they hear about your church? No matter if they’ve visited it or not yet, does the name alone have any meaning to them? How can you make sure it does?

Press Releases

A press release is a formal and concise written communication about an event or situation. This communication is then sent to various media outlets so they may consider covering the topic. You want to send a simple but compelling document that will get the media’s interest.

There are many reasons a church might want to send out a press release, and any big church event should have that covered. Simply put, it is a great tool to promote your event and maximize its attendance. After all, you’ve worked hard, and deployed precious resources to put it together. The word needs to get out!

Something else a press releases can do for you is to give exposure to your church. It is part of your strategy to make your name known in the community as a church that cares and is there for them. What a great way to connect with your community!

What Press Releases Can Do for Your Church

Self-promotion might not be your cup of tea. You want to preserve your church’s humility and we get it. Rest assured, when we work with you on a church press release, we keep our focus on making Christ known through His Church. We want to help bring people to you so that you can lead them to Jesus.

Press releases have the ability to show your community just who you are, a church that serves and is present. They communicate that your church is making a difference and help building a relationship with your city. God uses people like us and when you serve your community, you are the hands and feet of our wonderful Savior.

Whether you want to share about a special church service, a big event, a milestone reached, etc., press releases are your best way to your community. They can be helpful each and every time you have official information you want to share with the community God has given you to serve.

Church Press Releases That Work for You

For your community to care about you, they need to know how much you care about them. Let them know the difference you are making in your community. This could open doors for you to work more closely with your local school system or government. What a way to let your light shine!

Your community also needs the positivity. We all know how tragic the six o’clock news can be. Fear builds on mistrust to the point where we wonder if there is any good left in society at all. Churches have the ability and the responsibility to change that with their positive stories, and ways they are impacting their community.

Be the one to change the narrative. When the world says that church isn’t relevant anymore, you can be the voice telling them that your church is more relevant today than ever! Imagine hearing a story about a high school student giving up her summer vacation to serve the poor, instead of having to hear yet another story about a teen making poor choices.

When people hear the good you do, they will want to come and take a look. The next time they hear about your event, you can be sure your name will resound with something deep inside. Press releases are key for the work that you do.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another benefit you get from church press releases. In other words, it makes you rank on top of results when people search for you online. Good SEO lead people to your website, making your online presence count even more.

How We Can Help

We understand the thought of writing a press release for an upcoming event can be overwhelming. But, as explained above, church press releases can play a vital role in the success of large church events. Well-written church press releases can increase community awareness of your event and church.

We want to help your events be a remarkable success in your community. We want to partner with you in doing everything in our power to write press releases that help your church impact the kingdom of God significantly.

Our church writing experts are ready to write an effective press release that will make a world of difference for your next big event. Let us help you tell the world how much you care for them and how Jesus can change everything for them.

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