Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing Pages

Improve your Google Search Campaign with Church Landing PagesLast Updated: May 1st, 2020

Church landing pages can improve your church’s next Google search campaign. A Google search campaign is made up of advertisements shown within Google search results after a person searches for a specific term. When it comes to online searches, Google makes the rules.

They use a complex algorithm to help connect those searching with the most relevant data. Landing pages help create relevant data for Google. Landing pages will increase the chances that Google will show your ad. They also increase the chances that a person will click on your church’s advertisement.

How Church Landing Pages Work

Imagine you are searching for “divorce recovery,” you wouldn’t want to click on a link that takes you to a church’s main website. Instead, you’d hope to click on a link that would give you info specific to divorce recovery. A fast-loading landing page would be created focused on “divorce recovery.” This landing page would have your church’s info about divorce recovery on it, with the opportunity to direct them to the church’s main webpage.

More Effective Search Ads

Effective church landing pages can immediately improve results paid search ads for your next church campaign. Those clicking on your search ads will also be pleased to find the most relevant information and will be more likely to continue on to your church’s main webpage. Overall, this will increase web traffic to your church’s main website. More site visitors will soon equal more live visitors visiting your church.

Here to Help With You Google Search Campaign

If you’re looking to improve the results of your Church’s next Google search campaign, consider using a church landing page. The experts at Missional Marketing are ready to help you create an effective search campaign and landing page to grow your church or make your next event a huge success.

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