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Improve Church Google Search ResultsLast Updated: May 1st, 2020

Every day, thousands of people search online for help with serious issues. They struggle with spiritual questions and wonder why they feel the world is against them. But, because so many churches have fallen behind with their online presence and technology – instead of finding help through a local church, the church is nowhere to be found. At Missional Marketing, we have worked with churches across the country to improve local SEO for churches and improve their search rankings.

Missional Marketing is working hard to bring the good news of Jesus to every corner of the internet. Every day we help searching souls connect with meaningful church ministries by updating church web technology.

This means when a person searches Google for issues such as divorce, parenting, marriage, dating, depression, anxiety, counseling, or financial problems, your local church could be their first search result. Imagine the local church becoming the first place a person looks for hope and finds healing because it’s situated so high in their Google Search results.

A Missional Marketing SEO campaign can make all the difference. The following slideshows show Google search results before working with Missional Marketing, and then after.

The first set of images shows the before and after results of a Missional Marketing Organic Search Campaign.

[metaslider id=10560]

The second set of images shows the before and after results of a Missional Marketing Organic Paid Campaign.

[metaslider id=10594]


The results are clear. Missional Marketing campaigns can make a huge difference in a church’s online presence. Working with Missional Marketing can be the difference between an addict finding the help and hope they need through the local church, or finding none at all. Together we can change the world with the love of Jesus, one internet search at a time.

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