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How Your Church Can Use Google AlertsLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

What are Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a free notification service that sends notification emails summarizing new content and search activity surrounding specific search terms to your email inbox. The great thing about this service is that once you input your specific search terms it continually works for you to keep you up to date!

How can using Google Alerts help my church?

  1. Know what is being said about your church – Utilizing Google Alerts is a great way to stay up to date on how your church is being discussed on other websites, blogs, and local news sources. It is highly beneficial for you to be “in the know” about what is being discussed concerning your church. However, it is difficult and time consuming to keep up with blogs and local newspapers mentioning your church in posts and articles. This challenge can be easily mitigated by setting up Google Alerts to notify you when your church is mentioned.
  2. Know what is being said about your church’s leaders – You can also set up alerts for the names of your key church leaders. It is helpful to be aware of the influence your church’s leaders have online in your community. Their reputations can affect the reputation of your church so it is useful to know when new content mentions them. 
  3. See how your church’s content is being used and shared – Google Alerts can help you gain understanding about how your church’s content, such as blog posts or recorded sermons are being shared and discussed. You might also find high-quality commentary about your church or content that you want to share on your church’s blog or social media pages.
  4. Be a part of the discussion surrounding topics relevant to your church – Knowing what information is out there and what topics are being discussed can help you hone your church’s messaging both online and in-house. You could even use this information as sort of a “writing prompt” to identify niches your church may be able to fill with specific content and messaging. 
  5. Track potential negative things being said about your church – There’s always the possibility of voices in local publications or comments speaking critically of your church. Some could be inaccurate or malicious. You may or may not want to address this content directly, but simply being aware of it can be valuable.

How do I set up Google Alerts for my church?

You can set up alerts for as many or few terms as you like. Setting alerts up for your church name, pastor’s names, and church website or blog name is a great start! 

Instructions for setting up Google Alerts can be found here.

If you would like more guidance on using the Google Alerts, please reach out to us and we’ll do everything we can to set you up for success!

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