Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

How to Run A Church Christmas Advertising CampaignLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

With December quickly approaching, your church has likely already begun planning for the Christmas season. For most churches, Christmas services are some of the highest attended out of the entire year.  Around Christmas, unchurched people are usually more open to attending church, making Christmas a great time to target new people. 

In combination with your church’s special events within the holiday season and more traditional forms of advertising, an online Christmas campaign can be a great supporting asset to capture as many new people as possible.  Additionally, a Christmas Advertising Campaign can also help to remind existing members who attend less frequently or those who may have drifted away from the church to come to a service.  If you’re wondering how to run a church Christmas advertising campaign, keep reading to gain some great tips and strategies to make this holiday season your church’s best yet! 

Google Search Campaigns


One of the best ways to capture new people during the holiday season is through advertising on the Google Search Network.  By creating a Christmas advertising campaign with keywords based on search queries like, “family-friendly Christmas services near me” or “church on Christmas in [city]”, your church can get their ads directly in front of these users who are showing a direct intent to find attend a service on Christmas, making it likely that they would convert.  Google search allows you to specifically target users based on several factors such as demographics, geographic area, and type of device, allowing you to be able to connect better with your local audience.  If your church has or is eligible for a Google Grant, this can be applied towards a Christmas campaign.

Google Display Network Campaigns

Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

Advertising on the Google Display Network allows you to be able to connect with people who are browsing on other websites, watching YouTube videos, or spending time on mobile apps. With over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network, your church can reach users who have similar interests, that may not be directly searching for a church on Christmas but is open to the idea of attending.  This is a great strategy for branding and getting your church’s name in front of your target audience through the usage of visually appealing graphics.  If a user shopping online or scrolling through the morning news sees your church’s ad for Christmas and clicks through to your site, they may look around the site and decide to come to a service.

Facebook Advertising 

When you’re looking for ideas on how to run a church Christmas advertising campaign, Facebook is a great platform to reach new people on, as well as targeting existing members.  Facebook and Instagram are two of the top social media platforms and allows you to directly reach people where they’re spending a large portion of their free time.  Although social media is built for connection, studies have shown a correlation with increased time on social platforms with negative mental health effects.  By advertising on the Facebook Audience Network for Christmas, you’re able to get your ads in front of people who might be feeling depressed or anxious and open to attending a holiday service.  

Use Christmas Landing Pages

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When a user clicks on an ad, the page that they end up on is called a landing page.  If a user clicked on a Christmas ad and landed on the generic homepage of the church’s website without Christmas information, they are much more likely to become frustrated and exit the site. To get the most out of your Christmas advertising campaign, it’s important to use custom targeted landing pages.

By utilizing landing pages with content, CTAs, and imagery optimized for Christmas, a user is much more likely to remain on the page and take further action.  Google rewards campaigns with highly relevant landing pages by increasing the Google Quality Score of an ad, which allows your ads to compete better within ad auctions and get the most out of your budget.

Target Felt Needs

Although the Christmas season is an incredibly exciting time for most Christians, it can also be a time of stress, anxiety, and increased depression for others.  Targeting felt needs within your church’s Christmas advertising campaign is a great strategy for reaching the unchurched.  By optimizing your campaign for felt needs search queries like “coping with grief during the holidays”, “sober holiday activities” or “family Christmas events near me”, you can capture new people who may not have a relationship with God but might benefit from your church’s resources and events around the holiday season.  Through the use of warm and welcoming language in the ads and highly targeted landing pages, you can reach these users on a deeper level.

Utilize Retargeting 

With retargeting campaigns, your church can reach people who have previously visited your church’s website through the usage of a tracking pixel.  This is a great strategy to utilize if you’re looking to target people who may not be as frequent visitors to your church or have drifted away from the church altogether.  According to a study by LifeWay, 57% of people are willing to attend a service on Christmas if they’re invited. By running a Christmas retargeting campaign on Facebook or Google with inviting language, you’re able to recapture this audience and draw them back into your church, potentially long term.

Additionally, by having tracking pixels installed on your site for your Christmas campaigns, you’re able to continue to retarget these users who showed an interest in your church throughout the year in future campaigns.  

Track the Campaign 

Last but not least, it’s important to always track the performance of a Christmas advertising campaign.  By looking at the data and understanding the key metrics, you’re able to see what is and isn’t working to take action to better optimize the campaign moving forward.  Being able to see the data allows your church to have full transparency to better plan your budget and see an accurate ROI from the campaign’s efforts.  

Begin A Christmas Advertising Campaign

If your church is ready to begin a Christmas advertising campaign to maximize your growth this holiday season, the team at Missional Marketing wants to partner with you to help build and manage the campaign.  To get more information, give us a call at 480-420-2007 or head over to our contact us page.  We are excited to help your church reach new people this Christmas!

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