How Glad Tidings Church Leveraged the Google Ads Grant and Local SEO to Fill Their Church PewsLast Updated: July 16th, 2024

These days, having a strong online presence is crucial for churches to reach and connect with their communities effectively. Glad Tidings Church in Austin, Texas, recognized this need and partnered with Missional Marketing to leverage the power of the Google Ad Grant and Local SEO strategies.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Churches

Studies show that the majority of new visitors first engage with churches online. So, marketing is vital for churches to be found on the web when people search for “churches near me.” By utilizing Local SEO and running ads through the Google Ad Grant, churches can increase their visibility and reach more potential members.

What Is Local SEO and How Could It Help Your Church?

Local SEO helps local people searching for a church to more easily find your church- first. When someone searches for a new church in Google, they are likely to use keywords like “churches near me,” “local church,” or “churches in [location].” The first three churches displayed in the results are the ones that are most likely to be seen and visited. Being one of those churches for people who are searching in your community is of great importance, and Missional Marketing can help with that!

What Is the Google Ad Grant and How Could It Help Your Church?

The Google Ad Grant presents a valuable opportunity for churches by providing up to $10,000 per month in free advertising credits for Google Search Ads. This program allows eligible non-profit organizations, including churches, to display their church ads prominently at the top of Google search results.

Leveraging the Google Ad Grant empowers churches to increase their online visibility and connect with individuals actively searching for a faith community or seeking answers. By strategically utilizing these advertising credits, churches can drive more traffic to their websites, ultimately attracting new visitors to their physical location. Glad Tidings Church’s experience exemplifies how the Google Ad Grant can facilitate meaningful connections with the local community, addressing their specific needs and interests through targeted advertising campaigns.

Glad Tidings Church’s Success Story

Glad Tidings Church experienced remarkable results by working with Missional Marketing to manage their Google Ad Grant and optimize their Local SEO strategy. As they shared, “When we ask how people found us, a lot of people say they were searching for churches and found us on Google.” Additionally, they noted, “The growth that we’re seeing definitely has a correlation with working with Missional Marketing and being more strategic by putting more things on Google.”

In terms of tangible results from the Google Ad Grant and Local SEO services provided by Missional Marketing, Glad Tidings Church saw approximately 40 new leads over the last few months while utilizing the full $10,000 of Google Ad Grant money each month. This means they were running a significant number of ads, which were being seen and clicked on by people within their geographic range. Overall, working with Missional Marketing increased the traffic to their website.

See what Glad Tidings had to say about their partnership with Missional Marketing:

Ad Effectiveness

One standout statistic was Glad Tidings Church’s impressive 11.26% click-through rate on their Google ads, which is more than double the industry average of 4.6%. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Missional Marketing’s ad campaign strategy and Local SEO optimization in showing the right ads to the right audience. As Glad Tidings Church shared, “SEO advertising and Google Ads are like a big banquet that we’re advertising, saying, ‘Hey, come just as you are, and don’t worry about getting yourself fixed before you come here. This is the greatest message you’ll ever hear.’ [Marketing] isn’t just about growing the numbers of our church. It’s about people getting transformed by the Good News of Jesus.”

Unlock Your Church’s Online Potential

Glad Tidings Church’s success story showcases the incredible impact that effective digital marketing strategies can have on a church’s online presence and reach. As they shared, “SEO is something that the church does not know about. We don’t always know how to reach people and how to understand search engines and the internet. I didn’t go to school for this stuff, but there are people way smarter than me… so as soon as I identified I want to get more educated in this realm, then I decided working with Missional Marketing was a no-brainer. This is a good investment. If your church is considering working with Missional Marketing, try it for six months and see if you start to see a little bit of a return. I think you will see some type of correlation. It’s a small investment to try something out for six months, so start small and see what works!”

By partnering with Missional Marketing for Google Ad Grant management and Local SEO optimization, your church can also experience exponential growth in website traffic and connect with more people in your community.

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