Help for Church Communications Directors

Help for Church Communications DirectorsLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

The role of the Church Communications Director is one that has become increasingly complex over the last decade. With so many people now online, this has opened up numerous new avenues to reach the congregation. However, with so many avenues and platforms to choose from, it is easy to get swamped. This can lead to ineffective campaigns being spread thinly across numerous platforms. However, this is where we can help. We have a range of options that offer help for church Communications Directors. We can provide and end to end solution, that starts with your website, it’s content and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Once your website is in check, we can offer a range of tools and platforms that can be used to promote your church, and attract new visitors to your church both on and offline.

Church Website SEO Audit

This is often the starting point for many of the churches we work with. Many churches do have a website, but more often than not it has not been optimized to perform well in the Google rankings. This means that there will likely be a lot of improvements necessary to ensure that it is performing to its optimum.

Our expert team will conduct a deep analysis of your church’s website, and generate a list of improvements that can be made to boost your SEO efforts. Some of the checks we perform are for:

  • H1, Meta and Title Tags
  • Alt tags for Images
  • HTTPS Protocol
  • Duplicate Content
  • Website Load Speed
  • Broken Links, Redirects & 404 Errors

If your site is showing any of these errors, it could be dramatically affecting your ability to appear on the first page of Google. Once the SEO Audit has been performed, our team will implement a number of improvements to your site, to ensure it performs to it’s very best in the Google Search Rankings.

Firstly, the H1, Meta and Title Tags will be replaced where necessary with high value keywords. Our team has conducted detailed keyword research, and has a database of keywords and ministries that rank well in Google.

The speed at which your website loads is also a vital ranking signal for Google. Also, you can see visitors leaving your site every extra second it takes for your site to load. For this reason, improvements will be made to greatly increase your website load times.

Our team will also perform any other improvements necessary to ensure that your site is fully optimized to perform well in the search rankings.

If you would like to see how your website is performing right now, try out our Free Church Website SEO Audit tool.

Help for Church Communications Directors: Google Search Network

Today, when people are searching for answers, Google is often the first place they turn to. For this reason, it is important that they can find your church when they arrive there. The first couple of results on the first page of Google receives the vast majority of traffic, so it is vital that your church website is appearing here. While conducting the above SEO audit and optimization will put your site in a good position to rank in these spots organically, it can take months before you will start to see these results.

The best way to achieve a top ranking in Google quickly is to sponsor your posts using the Google Search Network. With the Google Search Network, we create ads that are relevant to what your visitors might be searching for, and then deliver them to landing pages that contain relevant content.

Help for Church Communications Directors

A vital element in making your ad rank highly on Google is to attain a high Google Quality Score. A high quality score is achieved by ensuring your ad leads to content that is very relevant to your visitor. This is achieved by first making a list of all the ministries of your church, and then assigning a group of keywords to each ministry. This is called a Church Google Ad Group. Here are some examples:

DivorceGlobal MissionsAlcohol Recovery
DenominationsFinancialLocal MissionsAddiction
Christian SinglesWorkplace/CareersCounselingBookstore
DaycareFoster CareDepressionCoffee Shop
Summer ActivitiesParentingAnxietyPurpose
PreschoolFootballPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderJesus Christ
ElementaryBasketballAttention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderHoly Spirit
SoccerBipolar DisorderBible Study
Young AdultsVolunteer OppurtunitiesObsessive Compulsive DisorderFaith
DatingFood PantryAutism Spectrum DisorderWomen's Activities
Premarital/EngagedThrift StoreGriefMen's Activities
MarriageCommunity ServicesCancerPrayer

Once we have your Church Google Ad Groups in place, we then create a landing page for each group. This allows us to optimize each page for the keywords in the Ad Group so that the ad achieves a higher Google Quality score, and will receive a higher placement in the Google results.

Help for Church Communications Directors: Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is a powerful tool and a great help for Church Communications Directors. While the Google Search Network ensures that people find your website when they are searching in Google, the Google Display Network ensures that they find your site when they are viewing other sites on the web.

This works by showing your ads to your target audience in the form of display ads on other websites and apps such as YouTube. This is a very effective way to target your audience so that no matter what site they are visiting, they will see your ad.

Setting up a Google Display Network campaign is similar to setting up a Google Search Network campaign. First we identify the ministries that you want to advertise, and then create a landing page for each of them. Google Display Network ads are also subject to a Google Quality Score, so it is important that your ads are optimized for this also. Having the relevant landing pages will help with this greatly, because Google just loves relevant content!

Here are some examples of Church Google Display Network ads:

church communications director   church communications directorchurch communications director   church website

Help for Church Communications Directors: Facebook

Facebook also offers excellent help to Church Communications Directors when it comes to reaching their audience. The chances are that the vast majority of people in your area use Facebook on a daily basis. For this reason, it is an essential tool in any digital marketing strategy. It is also really effective in targeting specific demographics. This is because Facebook has such a large amount of data about all of its users, such as their age, gender, interests and hobbies.

Facebook is also an effective way to promote events that are occurring at your church. Much like the Google Display Network, Facebook is an excellent way to get the word out about seasonal events including Easter, Vacation Bible School, Summer Celebrations, Fall Festivals, and Christmas. It is also very effective for marriage conferences, campus launches, guest musical artists, guest speakers, guest comedians, etc. Here are some examples of successful Facebook ads:

church communications directorchurch communications director
church communications director church communications director


While the role of Church Communications Directors can be a difficult one with so many digital options available, we are here to help. We can assist your church with all aspects of a digital marketing to draw people into the arms of your church. Our expert team will provide you with a range of solutions that will benefit your church and suit your budget. Get in touch today, and a member of our team will guide you through exactly how we can benefit your church.

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