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Google Search Advertising For ChurchesLast Updated: July 4th, 2020

Missional Marketing offers Google Search Advertising Campaigns for Churches. These Campaigns are also known as Pay-Per-Click / PPC Campaigns.

This advertising campaign format is incredibly effective because it targets active searchers who have set out to find a church or church ministry.

Church Searchers Are Motivated

On average, people who search for something on Google are more motivated than people who happen to click on a banner ad that catches their eye.

For example, a person who is actively looking for a church to attend will often search Google using keywords such as ‘LOCAL CHURCH’ or ‘CHURCH NEAR ME’. Similarly, a person who is actively looking for a Christian Marriage Ministry will often search Google using keywords such as ‘CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE COUNSELING’. Therefore search campaigns capture the most motivated web traffic.

google search for churches

Pay-Per-Click (Not Per Impression)

Search Campaigns are set up in Google AdWords on a Pay-Per-Click basis. Because of the competition for keywords, this model is more expensive than a pay-per-impression model such as the one we offer to churches for online banner ads.

Generally we are expecting the cost per click to be around $2 for most of the keywords in church search campaigns.

We start by setting the church up with a basic campaign named the ‘FIND MY CHURCH CAMPAIGN’. In addition there are a number of ministry campaigns that a church can deploy. Both are described below.

Find My Church Campaign

The FIND MY CHURCH CAMPAIGN covers the search keywords that a person would search if they are looking for a church in their city.

Here are some examples of the FIND MY CHURCH CHURCH CAMPAIGN keywords:

  • Local Church
  • Christian Church
  • Lutheran Church
  • Nearby Church
  • Non-denominational Church
  • Contemporary Church
  • Baptist Church
  • United Methodist Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Church
  • Episcopal Church
  • Mega Church
  • Catholic Church


Churches can also add on additional MINISTRY CAMPAIGNS. These campaigns cover the search keywords that a person would search if they are looking for Christian Ministries in their city.

  1. Men’s Ministry
  2. Women’s Ministry
  3. Children’s Ministry
  4. Marriage Ministry
  5. Sports Ministry
  6. Music Ministry
  7. Recovery Ministry
  8. Easter
  9. Christmas

To illustrate, here are some examples of the keywords for a Marriage MINISTRY ADD ON campaign:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Christian marriage coaching
  • Parenting classes

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Google offers grants to non-profits including churches. Churches who receive a Google Ad Grant can receive up to $10,000 per month in Google funded advertising. Here is link to Google’s grant site:

The first step toward receiving a Google Grant is to ensure your church is eligible. If you are unsure about your church’s eligibility, try out free tool below.


We have developed a free tool that will help you verify if your church is eligible for a Google Grant, and if not, the reason(s) why. Simply answer the questions below and we’ll do the rest!


The application process for a Google Ad Grant can be intimidating and time consuming. Missional Marketing offers Google Grant Application Services to help position your church to start receiving up to $10,000 per month in Google sponsored advertising. This service includes but is not limited to:

  • We handle the Google for Nonprofits registration.
  • We handle the Google Ad Grant Application process.
  • We set up the associated Google Adwords account.
  • We perform initial keyword research. More on why this is especially important below.
  • We will audit your church’s website to ensure it is not deficient in areas that would disqualify you from obtaining a Google Grant.

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To continue receiving your Google Ad Grant, your campaign must satisfy Google’s performance conditions. Missional Marketing can help ensure that you receive maximum value from your grant, and exceed all of Google’s requirements with our Google Ad Grant Campaign Management Services.

The performance of Google Ad Grant Campaigns for churches under our management have achieved an average Return on Investment (Google Paid vs Client Paid) of 699%. Click the button below to see some examples of the results our managed campaigns have produced.

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To Get Started

Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. The best way to get in touch with us is to schedule a call using the form below. We look forward to chatting with you!

Contact Jason Hamrock or Kevin Peck, or use the Contact Us button.

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The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network are both really useful tools. The Google Search Network allows you to sponsor content from your site so that it appears at the top of the Google search rankings. Google Display Network promotes your website across the rest of the internet through Google’s partner network (on other websites such as YouTube and 3rd party sites).

Yes, they can have a hugely positive effect on your church. You could even be eligible for a $10,000 Google Ad Grant. To find out if you are eligible, use our free tool here.

The Google Search Network is a really useful tool that allows you to sponsor content from your site so that it appears at the top of the Google search rankings. The first few results in Google receive the vast majority of the traffic, so it is important that your church’s site is appearing here.

While the Google Search Network allows people to find your site when they search Google, the Google Display Network promotes your website across the rest of the internet through Google’s partner network. When you see an ad on a website, it is more than likely coming from the Google Display Network. Examples of these include banner ads, display ads in the sidebars of websites, or even video ads on websites such as YouTube.

You can spend as much or as little as you like on Google Ads. They operate on a cost-per-click model, so you bid for clicks against other churches who are also sponsoring through Google. There is a Google Grant available to churches that can drastically offset costs.

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