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Google Grant Campaign Management

Google Grant Campaign Management

To continue receiving your Google Ad Grant, your campaign must satisfy Google's performance conditions.

We can help ensure that you receive maximum value from your grant, and exceed all of Google's requirements.

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Benefits of Google Ad Grant Management

The performance of Google Ad Grant Campaigns for churches under our management have achieved an average Return on Investment (Google Paid vs Client Paid) of 699%. The first graph below displays the average monthly Google funded advertising spend we’ve achieved over four of our longest running Google Ad Grant Campaigns. You can hover over each set of bars to display the ROI information of each campaign. The second graph shows the average monthly number of clicks obtained from each of these campaigns.

Return on Investment

Clicks to Church Website

As the above illustrates, having a professionally run Google Ad Grant campaign can be an extremely cost-efficient boost to your online outreach.


Don’t Have A Google Grant For Your Church?

If you’re not sure if your church is eligible for a grant, try out our Google Grant Eligibility Checker Tool. If you have any further questions pertaining to your eligibility and any steps that may need to be completed, we’ll be happy to answer them!

If you know that your church is eligible for a grant but are struggling with the application process, we offer fully managed Google Ad Grant Application Services.

Maintaining Your Google Ad Grant

Once you have received your Google Ad Grant, the real work begins! Google has put very strict policies in place, to ensure that the grants are properly used. Failure to comply with these policies may result in your Google Ad Grant being terminated with little to no notice.

We have reviewed the Google Ad Grant Policy page, and have compiled the following findings:

Adwords Account Structure

Firstly, your Google Adwords Account must conform to a certain structure. Here’s what Google’s site says:

  • All grant accounts must make use of specific geo-targeting to show ads in location(s) relevant to their nonprofit.
Ad Extension
Ad Groups/Extensions
  • All grant accounts must have at least 2 active ad groups per campaign, each containing a set of closely related keywords, and 2 active text ads.
  • All grant accounts must have at least 2 sitelink ad extensions.

Campaign Performance

Your advertising campaigns must also maintain an acceptable level of performance, or you risk having the grant revoked.

Clickthrough Rate
Clickthrough Rate
  • All grant Adword accounts must maintain a 5% click-through-rate (CTR) for their campaigns. If it drops below this for two consecutive months, the grant may be withdrawn.

Our Grant Campaign Management Services

Establish Goals
Establish Goals and Define Success

We’ll work with your church to determine what you would like to achieve with your grant, and map out a plan to get there. Perhaps your top priority is event advertising, or maybe you want to focus on reaching out to those in your community struggling with a felt-need that your ministries can help with. Whatever your focus, we’ll figure out how to get there and how success should be measured.

Account Management
Ensure Google’s Conditions Are Met

We’ll manage your Adwords account and campaigns to be certain that all of Google’s requirements are met. You can be confident that your grant will not be in jeopardy with an experienced digital marketing firm at the helm.

Get The Most Value From Your Grant

We are experts in the field of managing and optimizing Google Ads. Running efficient, effective advertising campaigns is our forte. Our skill set will help your church get as much value as possible from your grant, and reach as many unchurched people as possible.


Curious what benefits a managed Google Grant Campaign could provide for your church? Try our Google Grant Impact Estimator!

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