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Church ads in the Google Church Display Network can reach 92% of all Internet users in the U.S. It’s an amazing way to find new attendees and grow your church. Google Church Display Advertising places your church’s ads on news sites, blogs and other websites across the Internet to reach new potential church attendees.

Missional Marketing by Gdirect has extensive experience creating Google display ads for churches of all sizes and denominations. Our Google Church Communications Experts run your church’s ads on websites that are likely to be viewed by un-churched people who live near your church’s campus.

Google is an extraordinarily powerful platform. A certain amount of complexity comes with it’s formidable capabilities. We cut through all the technical settings and handle the ongoing management of the campaigns so you can concentrate on your church’s brand and image. So don’t let the technical elements scare you because we’ll take care of the details.

You can view a few samples of our recent Google Church Display Advertising Campaigns here.


Holiday campaigns:

Online Easter Ad

  • January – New Years
  • February – Marriage/Valentines
  • March – Easter
  • April – Vacation Bible Camp
  • May – Mother’s Day
  • June – Father’s Day
  • July – 4th of July
  • August – New Ministry Season
  • September – New Ministry Kickoff
  • October – Fall Festival
  • November – Thanksgiving
  • December – Christmas

Event Campaigns


  • Musical events
  • Car shows
  • Arts & crafts shows
  • Movie events
  • Plays
  • Guest speakers
  • Marriage events
  • Women’s events
  • Men’s events

Other Campaigns

church google display advertising

Seeker friendly sermon series about subjects like marriage, parenting and leadership tend to generate interest in your church.

The Google Church Display is also a very effective way to promote your church’s campus expansions and church plants.



google church display advertising

We’ll help your church attract new attendees with church branded ads. And with the Google Church Display Network advertising, you can advertise in a variety of formats and sizes with church image ads, church interactive media ads, church text ads and church video ads.


Working within your church’s brand and in collaboration with your church Communications Team we’ll create relevant images for your church with customized layouts, and church branded background colors.

google church display advertising



Interactive media ads are dynamic image ads that have interactive elements, animations, or other aspects that can change depending on who is looking at the ad, what kind of device they are viewing it on, and how they interact with your church’s ad.

These interactive media ads include ads with a carousel of products that move across the viewers screen and also includes ads with animated layers that sequentially move into place.


A Google church display ad can be configured to appear in the Google Display Network, and also in the Google Search Network. These are the same kind of church ads that we run in Google Search For Churches. Your church’s text ad includes a headline, two lines of text (35 characters each), and a URL. We create a range of text ads for your church in order to test which copy works best.


We create an ad for your church and then embed a video that plays directly within that ad. Because YouTube is included on the Display Network, you can can also place your ads next to YouTube videos. Read this article to learn more.



The material in this section is somewhat technical and you don’t need to understand it. We have included it for the curious minded people. If you wish to get started, you can jump to the GET STARTED section below. One of the many advantages of hiring us to handle your Church Display advertising is to alleviate the need for you to spend your valuable time learning these features and settings.

The goal of the Display Network is simple; to bring your church’s message to people who don’t belong to a church or people who are looking for a church whenever they are online. This is done through Contextual Targeting and Audience Targeting.


Google’s contextual targeting tools match your ads to relevant web pages; for example, showing your addiction recovery ministry on websites related to addiction. Our audience targeting tools match your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your church; like showing your marriage ministry to people who are married. A great example of contextual targeting is a pornography campaign we ran for Celebration Church. These church campaigns show ads on sites related to keywords for the campaign.

Keyword Contextual Targeting delivers relevant messages to web surfers based on the type of content they read and view. Your church can connect with people at the moment they’re actively engaged in highly relevant content across the entire Google Display Network.


Our experienced Campaign Managers handle all the church’s audience targeting settings based on their conversations with your church staff as they learn about the objectives for your campaign. This information is included to give your church some insight on what happens behind the scenes.

Placement Targeting

We’ll show your church’s ads on specific websites. In those cases where we already know which websites your prospective church attendees visit placement targeting puts your message on those websites  (and also on videos, RSS feeds, and mobile sites too).

Interest Categories

We’ll program your church’s campaign to show ads based on web user interests. Sports ministry ads will be shown to sports enthusiasts. Musical event ads will be shown to music lovers; that’s the simple goal of interest categories. This method of church audience targeting allows us to target people whose online behaviors show they share these common interests. Our Google Experts will show the web users relevant ads wherever they are online.

Topic Targeting

We’ll set your church’s campaign to show your ads on pages about specific subjects. Topic targeting is a close cousin to interest categories, but based on the websites rather than audience. Pick a topic like Christian music, Christian parenting and we’ll program your Google Campaign to show your ads on clusters of websites related to that topic.

Geographic Targeting

We’ll show your church’s ads where your target audience is located. Geographic targeting lets us display your ads by language, region and even by postal code. If you have multiple campuses, we can geo-target around each campus location.

Demographic Targeting

Shows your church’s ads to users based on their age and gender. If your church’s current campaign skews toward a particular age range or gender, we’ll use demographic targeting to show your ads specifically to those people. So if you are looking to increase your church membership with a certain demographic we can target them as well.


Above-the-Fold Advertising – “Above the fold” means your church’s display ad appears on the first screen of a web page, before scrolling down.

Ad Scheduling – Ad scheduling (a.k.a “day parting”) lets us pick the hours and days when your ads appear.

Frequency Capping – Frequency capping limits the number of times any one person can see your church’s ad per day, week, or month. That helps your church’s campaign reach a wider audience instead of the same viewers repeatedly.

Exclusions – Some churches don’t want their ads to appear next to certain types of content. The Display Network handles some exclusions automatically, but you we can also block sites by category or one by one.


Church Google Display Campaigns are offered at $10 per thousand impressions, and there is also a set-up fee of $100 per campaign. Discounts are available for churches that enter into annual agreements. The set-up fee is higher for interactive ads and is quoted on a case by case basis.

You can learn more about our pricing for video ads here. You can learn more about our pricing for church  search network ads here.

To Get Started

Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. So get in touch today, and we can get you started.

Contact Jason Hamrock or Kevin Peck, or use the Contact Us button.

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The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network are both really useful tools. The Google Search Network allows you to sponsor content from your site so that it appears at the top of the Google search rankings. Google Display Network promotes your website across the rest of the internet through Google’s partner network (on other websites such as YouTube and 3rd party sites).

Yes, they can have a hugely positive effect on your church. You could even be eligible for a $10,000 Google Ad Grant. To find out if you are eligible, use our free tool here.

The Google Search Network is a really useful tool that allows you to sponsor content from your site so that it appears at the top of the Google search rankings. The first few results in Google receive the vast majority of the traffic, so it is important that your church’s site is appearing here.

While the Google Search Network allows people to find your site when they search Google, the Google Display Network promotes your website across the rest of the internet through Google’s partner network. When you see an ad on a website, it is more than likely coming from the Google Display Network. Examples of these include banner ads, display ads in the sidebars of websites, or even video ads on websites such as YouTube.

You can spend as much or as little as you like on Google Ads. They operate on a cost-per-click model, so you bid for clicks against other churches who are also sponsoring through Google. There is a Google Grant available to churches that can drastically offset costs.

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