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Google Church Campaigns and GrantsLast Updated: September 2nd, 2020

Google Church Campaigns are vital for modern churches. In this article we’ll start by discussing the Google Grant and how it can grow new visitor web traffic for your church.

Google Grant for Non-Profits

Google offers a grant for non-profits that can be used for Google church pay-per-click campaigns in the Search Network. What makes this grant an incredible value is you can place an ad on page one of a Google search result, where it otherwise be very difficult for you to do so. For example, people will use the keyword ‘church’ in their search. “Churches near me” is a high volume keyword that is searched. When this search occurs, your church may or may not show up on page one or two. Now with  Grants for churches, you can show up.

Google is being very generous with this offer of free advertising. even beyond people searching for a church, people search for ‘Felt Needs’ all the time. Marriage, counseling, parenting, addictions, faith and a ton more keywords are being used by people looking for help. Now, you can show an ad and generate brand new traffic to your website.

Churches Need Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

On average, people who search for something on Google are more motivated than people who happen to click on a banner ad that catches their eye.

For example, a person who is actively looking for a church to attend will often search Google using keywords such as ‘LOCAL CHURCH’. Similarly a person who is actively looking for a Christian Marriage Ministry will often search Google using keywords such as ‘CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE COUNSELING’.

Therefore search campaigns capture the most motivated web traffic. For this reason they are more expensive than banner ad traffic. But if you use the Google Grant, there is no charge. Google gives you a max budget of $10,000 per month in free advertising. We can teach you how this campaign is structured and the benefits from using the grant.

Pay-Per-Click (Not Per Impression)

Search Campaigns are set up in Google AdWords on a Pay-Per-Click basis. Because of the competition for keywords, this model is more expensive than a simple pay per impression model such as the one we use for online banner ads.

Local Church Campaigns

A LOCAL CHURCH CAMPAIGN covers the search keywords that a person would search if they are looking for a church in their city. Here are some examples of the LOCAL CHURCH CAMPAIGN keywords:

  • Local Church
  • Christian Church
  • Lutheran Church
  • Nearby Church
  • Non-denominational Church
  • Contemporary Church
  • Baptist Church
  • United Methodist Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Church
  • Episcopal Church
  • Mega Church
  • Catholic Church

Ministry Campaigns

Churches can also run Google Church MINISTRY CAMPAIGNS. These campaigns cover the search keywords that a person would search if they are looking for Christian Ministries in their city.

  1. Men’s Ministry
  2. Women’s Ministry
  3. Children’s Ministry
  4. Marriage Ministry
  5. Sports Ministry
  6. Music Ministry
  7. Recovery Ministry
  8. Easter
  9. Christmas

Here are some examples of the keywords for a Marriage MINISTRY ADD ON campaign:

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Christian marriage coaching
  • Parenting classes


A Google church pay-per-click typically costs between $1 to $5 per click. Some keywords cost more than others. If you use the Google Grant, these clicks are free and your budget is $10,000 per month. However, nothing is always free as it takes either church staff manpower from people on your team or you hire it out to a professional. Either way, it is a no-brainer as you can get 10 times the amount of traffic for what you pay for.

At Missional Marketing, we are equipped to handle this for you. Our fees are very manageable for churches and actually are more effective than running the campaign in-house as it takes up to 10 hours per month to manage the grant adwords.

Google AdWords

Google church campaigns are launched and managed in Google AdWords. Here is Google’s description of it:

“Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program. Through AdWords, you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer”.

Here at Missional Marketing we have Certified Google AdWord professionals.

Google Grant Eligibility Checker Tool

To find out if your church is eligible for a Google Grant, you can use our helpful tool below:

Free Expert Advice

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Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian agency working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a Top 5% Certified Google Partner. So get in touch today, and we give you advice.

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