Google Analytics & Search Console Subscription

If you’re interested in growing your church’s online presence, you need answers to powerful questions that you should be asking about your church website on a regular and ongoing basis. arrow

Google Analytics & Search Console Subscription

A Message From Jason Hamrock

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Do You Know The Answers To These Questions About Your Church Website?

What search terms does your church website show up for in Google searches?
For what search terms do Google searchers actually click-through and reach your church website? For what terms do they see your church website in search results but rarely or never click?
What parts of your church website are used the most and the least?
What do first-time visitors do when they reach your church website?
How often do users perform the primary call(s)-to-action that your website presents to them?
When users reach your church website, what is their initial entry point (landing page)?
When users leave your church website, what page is their exit point? Did they view multiple pages on your site, or leave without any interaction (bounce)?

Answers to questions like the above provide actionable insight into the performance of your church website and how it can be a more effective outreach tool for your church.

Missional Marketing Can Help Answer These Meaningful Questions

After completing your initial subscription set-up, we’ll regularly log into your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts in order to evaluate opportunities for improvement as well as remain aware of any abnormalities that arise in the data. On an ongoing monthly basis, we’ll speak with you to discuss all the basics about your website’s current status, and every third month, we’ll take a deeper dive to glean the actionable changes that will enhance your site.

During our quarterly deep-dives, we'll uncover a wide range of opportunities for improvement, and make suggestions as to what changes we feel are appropriate. Below are examples of some of these areas of opportunity and what action might be taken to address them.

High bounce rates Improve engagement features
Low conversion rates Improve call-to-action
Low page traffic Improve page accessibility
Low search result click-through rates Improve page search result appearance
Mobile usability problems Improve responsive layout
Missing or out of date Sitemap Submit updated Sitemap

This process of ongoing improvement naturally leads to establishing conversion goals. Conversion goals can be defined as any revealing measurements of actions that people take on your website. A good example of a conversion goal on a church website would be the number of clicks occurring to a "Plan Your Visit" button on the homepage.

Examples of conversion goals on church websites include:
  • Visited pages like "I'm New", "Plan a Visit", "Attend a Service", "Services Times", etc. This indicates an immediate willingness to attend in person.
  • Viewed sermon videos or listened to sermon podcasts indicating a high level of engagement.
  • Liked your church on social media.
  • Made a prayer request.
  • Registered for an event.

In addition to the services described above, this subscription also includes an All-In-One Dashboard so that you can see a snapshot of everything going on with your web traffic in one place at any given time.

Heatmaps Provide Deep User Experience Insight

Using heatmaps allows us to visually represent what users do on the most important pages of your church website. This can help us more easily identify gaps in the user experience, or even simply better gauge what users are and are not interested in. Check out some examples below:

Sample Church Homepage Click Heatmap
Sample Church Homepage Scroll Heatmap

Of course, heatmaps only reveal part of the picture and the data they represent must always be interpreted within the greater context of what Google Analytics and Search Console are telling us. Nonetheless, they are an important tool in evaluating how to improve your church website.

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Getting Started

The best way to get the ball rolling toward signing up for a Google Analytics and Search Console Subscription is to schedule a free consultation with us by clicking the button below. This will give us an opportunity to determine discuss specific goals that are relevant to your church, as well as any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!