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How many pastors wish they had a magic crystal ball that could help them understand their local community and congregation? This knowledge would inspire sermons specific to the church’s needs and focus strategy to reach the unchurched. Today, much of this information is readily available to churches. Gloo gives churches the information they need to connect with their community and better understand their congregation.

Powerful Insights that Empower Churches

There is more information available today than ever before. The individuals at Gloo are experts in data science and passionately interpret big data to empower churches to impact their local community. Here are some of the insights Gloo can offer your church about your congregation and community:

  • Generation (Boomer, Millennial, Gen X, etc.)
  • Relationship Status (married, single, single parent)
  • Children (1 child, 2-3, 4+)
  • Household Debt
  • Spiritual Posture (committed to faith, exploring faith, etc.)

How Churches Can Utilize Gloo for Growth

The incredible insights Gloo offers can be used to grow churches in multiple ways.

  1. Identify Need for New Church Ministries. Finding out your church has a growing single or single parent population may help you identify a need for a new ministry. Identifying a growing amount of anxiety or depression in your church could impact the topic of your next sermon series. Understanding the amount of household debt in your congregation and community might move your church to address that need.
  2. Focus Outreach Strategies. Increased insights into your local community will help your church create outreach events and programs addressing real needs. Finding out your community is filled with individuals exploring faith, anxious and struggling with debt can help focus your outreach efforts. Your church can take your findings to your local school or government officials and come up with a solution together. Soon, your church will be viewed as a valuable community resource that addresses real community needs.
  3. Directly Connect Through Mail and Media. Gloo can not only identify the general needs of your congregation and community– it can also offer you the addresses of people meeting certain criteria. Imagine what would happen if you could invite every individual in your community struggling with debt to a financial workshop. Or picture directly connecting with people exploring faith in your community! You also have the opportunity to find local individuals on Facebook fulfilling the same criteria. The opportunities for outreach are endless.

Powerful Insights Meet Effective Ads

Gloo offers churches amazing insights into their local communities. Click below to try out Gloo’s robust platform. Allowing Gloo to identify specific audiences you hope to reach through Facebook while utilizing the Missional Marketing experts to run ads focused on that specific group opens up endless possibilities! This dynamic combination will help your church effectively reach the exact people you’re targeting within your community.

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