The Future of Church Marketing Lies in Video

The Future of Church Marketing Lies in VideoLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a digital age. We are constantly being bombarded with new messages about what to buy, wear, or do. The church has a choice to sit back and retreat from this new world, or engage and bring the message of Jesus to the entire online world.

The future of church marketing lies in video. The internet is increasingly filled with pictures and videos. Our eyes can scan and understand pictures faster than we can read words, so it makes sense. Pictures not only make it easier to consume more information, but they convey more bits of information than words alone.

Understanding this, the internet is using more pictures and video everywhere it can. Churches that understand these facts are beginning to record videos of their Sunday morning sermons and place them online. If your church wants to be relevant for the next 15 years, you need to join the online video sermon revolution.

Future of Church Marketing

You may wonder how the church can ever compete with videos of cute cats playing the piano with babies. The truth is the church doesn’t need to compete with videos of people falling down or doing dumb things. Instead, church sermon videos connect relevant content with those searching for answers to life’s deeper questions.

Those searching for truth will soon find your sermon videos instead of a bunch of words they have to read. Those searching the internet would rather watch your sermon video while having lunch at work than read a bunch of words. More and more we’re developing into an entirely visual species.

Churches who begin placing their sermons online will continue their relevance for years to come. These churches will even increase their relevance as video sermons give new people, all across the country to hear preaching from your church. The more exposure your church receives online, the higher the chances new people will attend your church on a Sunday. Increased online traffic often aligns with increased Sunday morning attendance.

If your church wants to continue growth and maintain relevance for years to come, consider beginning a Sermon Video Library. The future of church marketing truly does lie in video.

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