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No two churches are the same. We’ll build you an All-In-One Analytics Dashboard, powered by Google Analytics, that is tailored specifically to your church. By understanding your church’s goals for online outreach, we can help filter out the noise and focus on the metrics that matter to you.

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Visitor Behavior

Understand Visitor Behavior

Getting visitors to land on your website is an important goal, but understanding what they do once they arrive is equally important. Where are visitors spending the most time? Are visitors leaving far too frequently after only being on your landing page for a few seconds? Which content on your site is holding their attention, and why?

We can help you collect analytics data to answer the questions above, and make sense of the information as to how it relates to your visitor’s behavior.

Improvement Opportunities

Identify Opportunities For Improvement

Once we understand your church’s goals and have collected analytics data, we’ll be able to identify specific areas for tangible improvement of your online presence. Having these metrics available will allow you to make informed decisions as to how best to spend your effort. Of course, we’ll be happy to guide you in these choices using our considerable expertise.

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