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Four Ways We’re Helping Churches During the COVID-19 PandemicLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

In these difficult and unsettling times, we’re helping churches navigate new obstacles to providing the hope this world so desperately needs. Our array of online tools and expertise offer church leaders creative solutions to the challenges of social distancing. As the experts in creating and growing the online presence of churches, we feel it’s one of our greatest callings yet to help churches thrive in this unprecedented moment.

1. Church at Home Landing Pages

We’re building “online church” or “church at home” focused landing pages that not only provide a place for visitors to view a live stream and recent sermon videos, but also allow churches to get the most critical information out to their congregations and online visitors. These customizable pages can include important status announcements, a “daily dose” of encouragement from the pastor, a prayer request form, information on who to contact if an at-risk or elderly person needs someone to deliver groceries, volunteer opportunities, and more. Keep your church members connected and uplifted with a page dedicated to their current circumstances. Here’s an example of what that page might look like.

2. Online Sermon Video Consulting

We know that time is of the essence, and church leaders bear the most responsibility for the wellbeing of their congregations. So our team is ready to assist churches in quickly and efficiently launching their online sermon videos. We’ll talk you through exactly what needs to happen in order to launch, including any third party setups or additional equipment required. And in keeping your budget at the forefront of our minds, we’ll get your online sermons up with the least additional cost to you. Our base price includes comprehensive consulting and minor web development, while any additional web development will be billed at our standard hourly rates as needed.

3. Online Giving Consulting 

Churches are understandably concerned about getting hit by any potential financial downfall resulting from the COVID crisis. Online giving is an absolute must for churches at this time. Allow your congregation to continue their contributions, regardless of your doors being open or closed. If you’re not set up for this, we’ll examine your current budget and short-term needs to launch online giving through your church website. If any third party services are required, we’ll walk you through this step by step. We’ll make recommendations that fit your needs and perform minor web development to get you up and running.

4. Church At Home Ad Campaigns

After all your work to set up streaming, online sermons, and online giving, you want to make sure your members know they can connect to their church community from their living rooms. Reach your current congregation and those who are searching for online church services with “Church At Home” ad campaigns. Utilizing Facebook and Google platforms, we’ll help you build and run ads targeted to local audiences, ensuring that word gets out and you have viewership on Sundays and website visitors throughout the week.

Whatever your needs, let our team help assess where to focus your efforts and how to reach your congregation in a timely and efficient way.

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