Felt Needs Landing Pages Are the Secret to Google Ad Grant PerformanceLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Is your church ready to take your Google Ad Grant campaign to the next level?  Felt needs landing pages built in a subdomain are a great strategy to help your church get the most out of your Google Grant. 

A subdomain is a domain within the site’s primary domain that allows content to be better categorized for users and search engines.  For example, a church’s domain might be church.com but a felt needs subdomain could be family.church.com.  On the family.church.com subdomain, a user would find landing pages specifically targeted to family felt needs like child care, marital counseling, or youth group.  Utilizing a subdomain helps content to be better organized, thus improving organic rankings, paid search campaign performance, and overall user experience.

What are some benefits of a subdomain?

Targeting felt needs keywords in Google Ads is a great way to capture people searching online for felt needs or seeking answers to difficult questions that might be unchurched or distant from God that could benefit from your church’s resources.  This is a great strategy to grow and expand your church.  However, it’s important to remember that these site visitors are very different from the audience that your church’s website might be designed to target.  For example, the majority of visitors to your site are likely members within your church and new people who may be church shopping or actively seeking a church.

People arriving at your website via a felt need search query might not connect well to the content on your page or feel intimidated by the calls to action like “Get Baptized” or “Plan A Visit”.  Using a subdomain allows your church to better connect with the unchurched by delivering custom content targeted specifically to their felt needs with more gentle language and calls to action.  

What is a Google Quality Score?

In Google Ad campaigns, Google rates every ad with a score of 1-10 based on the estimated quality of the ads, landing pages, and keywords.  Many factors impact a quality score including expected click-through rates, relevance, and UX for the landing page.  Ads with a higher quality score are expected to perform better and cost less in ad auctions, allowing your church to maximize the ROI from your Google Grant and reach more people.

Improve Google Quality Scores

One way to boost quality scores is by creating highly targeted landing pages for felt needs keywords.  When a user clicks on an ad on Google, they’re expecting to land on a page that directly relates to their search query.  If they don’t find the content relevant to what they were searching for, they’ll bounce off the page.  An online user who clicks through on an ad related to their felt needs search query that lands on your church’s homepage or another core page may not find the page relevant to what they were searching for, causing them to exit the site without taking any action.  

For example, a user that searched for “what does the Bible say about raising a child” that lands on a generic home page of a church’s website without information on parenting may become frustrated and exit the site without finding the resources they need, and high bounce rates negatively impact Google Quality Scores. By optimizing landing pages specifically for family and answers felt needs, time on site, conversions, and quality scores increase.

Rather than having all of these free-floating landing pages on your main domain, a felt needs subdomain is a great way to organize these landing pages and give them one central place to live.  Additionally, since a subdomain is a subdivision of your core domain, it adheres to Google’s rules of not allowing ad click-throughs to cross domains.  

Leverage Our Experience and Data 

Missional Marketing is an industry expert for online church marketing. Our team of paid search specialists has experience managing hundreds of PPC church campaigns and Google Grants for churches, allowing us to have seen what works and what doesn’t.  At Missional Marketing, we never guess with our client’s campaigns.  Our strategy is carefully driven from years of detailed A/B testing, data, and experience.  By choosing to work with us, you’ll be able to leverage our team’s expertise to maximize the returns of your Google Ad Grant Performance.  We’ve seen subdomains work effectively to boost the performance of paid search campaigns and consider it our secret weapon for success. 

While this service could cost thousands of dollars at another agency or run independently, we’ve got the landing pages already made for you and can easily build out your felt needs subdomain.  Now is a great time to get the most out of your grant.  Imagine all of the new unchurched people you could bring to Christ through utilizing real-life felt needs subdomains and landing pages.

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If your church is ready to get started with Google Ad Grant landing pagest, our team at Missional Marketing is here to help! Fill out a form or give us a call at 480-420-2007 to speak with a paid search strategist.  We are excited to partner with you to maximize your Google Grant performance and achieve your growth goals!  

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