Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns

11 million people per month are searching Google in the United States to meet their felt needs for crisis support, prayer support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study, nearby churches, life groups, personal finance, and also a variety other services provided by churches. Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaigns make your church get found in Google, so that you are easily found by the people who need you most.

Guess who isn’t showing up in those searches? If you guessed your church, you’re right.

Try a Google Search for Your Church

Try Googling ‘divorce’, ‘parenting’, or ‘marriage’ and see if your church shows up in the result. These are the keywords that your audience are searching for, so why isn’t your church appearing to answer their questions? The answer is likely because your site is not optimized, so it is not appearing in Google’s search results. People who are looking for answers are unable to find your church, so they end up going elsewhere in their search. However, you can easily change this, and deliver people who are in need straight to your church by implementing a Felt Needs Google Church Search Campaign.

How it Works

An effective Google Church Search Campaign will have your church showing up in Google’s search results in no time. Every campaign is affordable and customized to your church by our experts, so it can fit with any requirements or budget. Our Google nerds have identified 10 effective Google Search campaigns and also hundreds of high-quality keywords. These keywords are then bundled together in groups called Church Google Ad Groups so that you spread your keywords over a number of groups, widening your reach.

These keywords direct people to optimized landing pages on your site, so that it gives them exactly the right information that they were searching for. Google loves when you give your visitors relevant content, which is why it is so important to have optimized landing pages. We have dedicated a blog post to Google Church Search Landing Pages and why they are so important. Here are some links to examples of the types of landing pages we implement:

Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages

Parenting Support at Cornerstone Church

Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages

Singles Support at Cornerstone Church

Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages

Crisis Support at Cornerstone Church

Google Church Search Campaign Landing Pages

Divorce Support at Cornerstone Church


Marriage Support at Cornerstone Church


Personal Finance at Cornerstone Church


These strategies, coupled with our extensive experience, ensure that you are in a prime position to start ranking in Google Search. We’ll tailor your Google Search Campaign so it aligns with your church’s ministries.

Our dedicated church communications firm works with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country, and we are also a top 5% Certified Google Partner.

Let us know if you would like us to share a Customized Google Traffic Volume Forecast with you. Together we’ll explore the impact this Google Search Campaign can have for your church, and also for your community.

Try our new Free Church Website SEO Audit tool to analyse your website, and also to get improvement suggestions.

To Get Started

Contact Jason Hamrock or Kevin Peck, or use the Contact Us button.

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