Family Felt-Needs Landing Pages

Your church can connect with people searching Google for family related felt-needs through a customized Felt-Needs Subdomain.
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Felt-Needs Subdomain

How It Works

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Every day millions of people search in Google for solutions to their family needs. While churches are uniquely positioned to support families, few church websites have relevant content properly optimized to be found online. We bridge this gap by helping churches produce targeted, felt-need landing pages and individual ad campaigns designed to reach and equip local families.

Missional Marketing has teamed up with best-selling author and HomePointe founder, Kurt Bruner, to help churches reach local families when they search for family-related content. Kurt Bruner has spent decades creating Christ-centered resources for hundreds of local churches and national ministries including Focus on the Family, Right Now Media, Heritage Builders, Family Life and others. Missional Marketing is excited to leverage his expertise and content to help every church website reach and strengthen local families.

About Subdomains

A subdomain acts like a division or alias of your domain that can be used to organize your website content into a separate site. Subdomains are often used to offer specialized content that encourages further action on an organization’s main website.
A main domain URL looks like this:
A subdomain URL looks like this:
We will create a subdomain specific to your church and branded to your church that will feature felt-need content. Each subdomain will not only offer specific answers to those searching, but will direct people to the appropriate ministries within your church that can also help meet their needs.

How Could Adding These Landing Pages Help My Church?

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Each landing page is optimized for Google searches. Implementing Family Felt-Needs Landing Pages will increase the number of people finding your church online and attending on Sunday mornings.

Meeting Family Needs

Families are struggling more today than ever before. Your church has a chance to offer content ready to meet family needs within your church and surrounding community.

Position Your Church as a Family Expert

Offering content ready to help families across your local community could position your church as an expert and resource for family needs. This position can open doors to help your community in many ways.

Building Church Ministries

Family Felt-Needs Landing Pages will bring awareness to the helpful ministries your church already has available. They will connect those searching for help with the ministry solutions already available within your church.

Works with Google Grant

Each subdomain can work with campaigns created for the Google Grant. Connecting your church’s Google Grant with these family-related subdomains will multiply your use of the grant. Your church will be able to reach more people online than ever before through their Google Ad Grant.

Multiplying Google Ad Grant Effectiveness

Google Ad Grants

If your church is presently using the Google Ad Grant and looking for ways to increase traffic, adding a Family Felt-Needs Subdomain may be your answer. When it comes to Google Ads, content is king. New Google Ads can be connected with each landing page your church uses, multiplying the potential for new traffic to your church site. Each landing page not only helps address a person’s felt-need, but also naturally directs people towards attending your church for the first time.

If you’d like to find out more about how felt-needs landing pages in a subdomain can support Google Ad Grant and Google Search campaigns, check out this in-depth blog post.

Check Out These Example Landing Pages

Example Addictions Landing Page Example Grief Landing Page Example Marriage Landing Page


Choose from 3 packages to fit your church’s needs. Each package includes a set up fee and also a monthly subscription fee to host and maintain the subdomain. In each tier, churches have the freedom to choose the specific topics that will fit their needs. Each subdomain will be customized to fit the aesthetic branding of your main church website.
Tier 1: Young Family Felt-Needs Package
Package Includes: 15 high search volume felt-needs topics with basic customization
Set up: $1,500
Monthly Subscription Fee: $119
Tier 2: Young Family + Marriage Felt-Needs Package
Package Includes: 25 high search volume felt-needs topics with basic customization
Set up: $2,500
Monthly Subscription Fee: $145
Tier 3: Young Family + Marriage + Challenges Felt-Needs Package
Package Includes: 37 high search volume felt-needs topics with basic customization
Set up: $3,500
Monthly Subscription Fee: $169

Available Topic Examples:

Addiction Issues Foster Care Aging Loved One Blending Families Building a Strong Marriage Considering Children Difficult Marriage Difficult Teen Facing Infertility Finances Preparing for Adolescence Single Parent Special Needs and more...

Get Started Today

If you'd like to discuss how Family Felt-Needs Landing Pages can impact your church or what Tier Level is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us using the button below. Contact Us Alternatively, if you already know what Tier Level is right for your church and would like to begin helping local families with their needs while fueling web traffic and church growth, please fill out the form below and we'll follow up with you within 48 business hours.