What is a Facebook Ad Campaign?

When it comes to giving, serving, or joining a small group at church, people want to be asked. Imagine harnessing the power of Facebook to connect directly with congregants, helping them find ways to give, serve, or join a small group. Video Facebook ads, created by church staff members and ministry leaders will have the ability to connect with congregants online in ways a Sunday announcement never could.

What are the Ad Types?

Give ads encourage generous tithing. Video testimonies will be turned into ads encouraging giving. The ad link will direct people to the church’s giving page.

Join ads will motivate church members to join small groups. Video ads by congregants will inspire people to join men’s women’s, student’s, and all sorts of groups offered by the church. These ad links will direct people to the respective group webpage.

Volunteer ads will drive individuals to fill volunteer openings at the church. These ads will direct people to signup pages associated with their respective ministry pages.

Sample Emails

This sample email can be used by your church to request video testimonials from your staff:


Initial setup: $750 (Includes the video upload page and video editing)
Minimum monthly subscription: $350

Spur the congregants in your church towards deeper discipleship steps through a video Facebook ad campaign. It’s simple to start and incredibly effective. Created ads will then run throughout the year to gently and continuously reminding congregants to give, join, and volunteer.