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Why Build a Multi-Ethnic Landing Page?

If your church values ethnic and economic diversity, then you should know there are people out there searching for a church just like yours. They’re seeking something different: a healthy church striving to reflect local diversity.

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The search for healthy multicultural churches is not going away. In fact, this growing trend reflects changes in the ethinic makeup of our country.

Did you know:
  • The 2020 census is expected to reveal that more than half of the children born in America at this time are a part of an ethnic group or minority race?
  • The U.S. population is expected to become majority-minority by 2044.
  • By 2060 only 36% of children under 18 are expected to be single-race caucasion.

If you build a page dedicated to diversity, Google will bring the people to you. Right now, there may not be much traffic related to multicultural-related church terms. This is great news for your church. This means that if you build a page on your website dedicated to this topic, Google will prioritize sharing your page with anyone searching for a multi-ethnic church.

Use This Example Page as a Model to Build Your Own

(Directions Below)

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Follow These Instructions to
Build Your Own Landing Page

  1. Create a page on your website dedicated to church diversity in your city. This page may or may not be listed as a website menu item-- it’s up to you. Try to include the name of your city wherever possible as you create the page. An example URL would be: missionalchurch.com/diverse-church-cleveland
  2. On your page, speak authentically about your church’s value and pursuit of healthy church diversity. You can learn more about what makes a healthy multi-ethnic church here.
  3. Build your page around the keyword “diverse church” plus your city name.

Writing Tips:

  • Write about 300-1000 words
  • Your audience is made up of people searching for a local multi-ethnic church
  • Be honest and don’t try to be something you’re not
  • Add pictures that accurately reflect your church

SEO Tips:

  • Include terms like “diverse church” and “multi-ethnic church” 2-3 times, along with the name of your city.
  • The Focus Keyword should be “diverse church ‘city’”
  • Make sure your Focus Keyword is in the title, first paragraph, H1 heading.
  • Include the Focus Keyword in the ‘alt image tag’ in any photo on the landing page.
  • The Meta Description should be: “{Church Name} desires to be a diverse church in {city} where people of varying ethnic and economic backgrounds walk, work, and worship God together.
  • Alternate keywords to add to your writing: multiethnic church, multiracial church, intercultural church, multicultural church

Need Help?

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Partnership with Mosaix

This landing page project was created in partnership with Mosaix Global Network. Mosaix is devoted to helping churches pursue multiethnic church planting, growth, and development.

Together, our hope is that every healthy multiethnic church in America will create a page dedicated to church diversity. Not only does a page like this establish the importance of this topic, but it should place your church as a top search result for any Google searches related to church diversity.

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