Digital Church Growth Measurement

Digital church growth measurement is an important way for church leaders to understand how their church growth curve is progressing.

Here are channels that should be measured:

  1. Monthly church website visits
  2. Church Facebook Likes
  3. Church Google activity
  4. Size of church’s email list
  5. Other digital church growth measurement
  6. Church Facebook activity
  7. Church Video Channel views

Digital Church Growth Measurement

When digital traffic is going up, the church is growing. A decrease in digital traffic can be a precursor to a decline in attendance. A critical step for church leaders is to understand the importance of these measurements and then implement a cost effective and reliable way to track this information.

An All-In-One Church Web Traffic Dashboard is a great tool for tracking this important church growth information.


Monthly Church Website Visits

Website visits are the most important digital church growth measurement. There are other measurements such as average pages viewed and average time on website that should also be considered.  Try our new Free Church Website SEO Audit tool to analyse your website, and also to get improvement suggestions.

digital church growth measurement

Number of Facebook Likes

How many Facebook Likes your church has is an important digital church growth measurement. How many did it have last year? Did it increase? A good initial goal for a church is to have as many Facebook Likes on it’s main page as it has regular weekly attendees. Over time the church should grow this number to twice the number of weekly attendees.

digital church growth measurement


Church Google Activity

When a Google search Ad, Display Ad, or Video Ad is seen, the church registers a Google impression.

Getting the word out to the local community about sermon series, church Holiday events, guest speakers, classes, ministries, and conferences is an important tool for growing the church. Measuring the Google Impressions in the digital church growth measurement system reflects the church’s commitment to reaching a diverse audience outside the walls of the church. The number of times people click on the ads should be measured as well as the click-through-rate (clicks divided by impressions).

digital church growth measurement


Church Facebook Activity

Facebook is a very important part of digital church growth strategy and measuring it is a must do for every church. Reach, impressions, clicks, and click-through-rate should all be measured for Facebook activity and for Facebook campaigns. A healthy trend will show all of these measures moving upward.

digital church growth measurement


Church Video Channels Views

The church’s video channel is a powerful tool. The more views the better. Growing video views helps church growth. Tracking this growth provides an important digital church growth measurement.

digital church growth measurement


Size of Church’s Email List

Email is still a very important church communication tool. A healthy church has a growing email list.

digital church growth measurement


Other Digital Church Growth Measurement

Instagram Followers and activity can and should be measured also. Some churches choose to utilize other digital channels such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Always remember, if it’s being deployed it should also be measured.

digital church growth measurement


For Further Reading About Church Growth

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Church growth is a multifaceted subject that encompasses many important activities such as establishing healthy small groups, being racially inclusive, members inviting friends and relatives to church, community involvement, and quality of sermons. Of course following the whispers of The Holy Spirit is the main thing.

Church marketing and advertising are tools to help with other fundamental activities; not to replace them.

We are impressed by the materials written by Thom S. Rainer on the subject of church growth. We especially like The Book of Church Growth. We’ve also have been impacted by Autopsy of a Deceased Church and Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church.

I have been struck again and again by how important measurement is to improving the human condition.

Bill Gates


In conclusion, digital growth measurement is an important metric for church leaders to track.

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