The power of church Facebook advertising goes deep


21 min

Time spent on Facebook
per user per day: 21 minutes.


Percentage of adults that visit Facebook at least once a month.


Total number of users:
936 million.


More than 50% of all US residents use Facebook.

facebook church campaigns that have impacted the church

Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL
12,984 Individuals reached
29,528 Impressions
1,144 Clicks/Actions
4.2% CTR
Run time: 7 days

Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ
21,007 Individuals Reached
42,130 Impressions
1,602 Clicks/Actions
3.2% CTR
Run time: 14 days

The Ark Church, Houston, TX
52,885 Individuals Reached
165,999 impressions
5,486 Clicks
5.9% CTR
Run time: 19 days

Gateway Church, South Lake, TX
140,717 Individuals Reached
299,783 Impressions
9,085 Clicks/Actions
5.3% CTR
Run time: 28 days

Facebook’s massive audience will include
people who do not go to church.
More importantly, we can find them.

Using the tools in our platform, we reach UNchurched people.

Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
35,497 Individuals Reached
87,679 Impressions
861 Clicks/Actions
2.4% CTR
Run time: 30 days

First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA
61,122 Individuals Reached
149,090 Impressions
1,674 Clicks/Actions
2.4% CTR
Run time: 25 days

Central Christian Church, AZ
74,774 Individuals Reached
182,071 Impressions
4,304 Clicks/Actions
3.5% CTR
Run time: 30 days

Lakewood Church, Houston, TX
7,059 Individuals Reached
9,697 Impressions
305 Clicks/Actions
4.3% CTR
Run time: 8 days

How do we run a Facebook Advertising campaign?

We do the heavy lifting for you. We create artwork (you create a video if desired), build the campaign, audience, geo-targeted area, parameters, run-time, and then after you see the ads, we launch.

After the launch, we monitor the campaign until the conclusion, ensuring that we met our goals. Once completed, we generate a detailed report that shows you exactly what was accomplished.

the process is simple, effective, and brings new people to church

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