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The Google Search Network allows you to pay to have selected pages of your website appear at the top of the Google Search results. This is an extremely effective way to bring traffic to your site, and works particularly well when implemented around Felt Needs and seasonal events.

Felt needs are the questions that people ask Google. For example, try Googling ‘divorce’, ‘parenting’, or ‘marriage’ and see if your church shows up in the result. These are the keywords that people in your area are searching for, so why isn’t your church showing up in the search results to answer their questions?

Google Search Network can help your church website answer these peoples’ questions and lead them into the arms of your church.

This past year, churches have trusted us to launch hundreds of
Google Search Network campaigns to reach people.



Select Target Keywords Based on your Ministries

First you must compile a list of your ministries, and the Felt Needs that they address. This will be the starting point for your campaign.

We will then apply each of your Felt Needs Keywords to an Ad Group.  Our team has identified hundreds of high-quality keywords which are then bundled together in groups called Ad Groups so that your keywords are spread over a number of groups, thereby widening your reach. You can see some examples of Ad Groups here.

Create your Google Search Ad Campaign

The next step is to create your Ad Campaign. Each keyword you choose to target will require the creation of its own landing page. The reason for this is to deliver each person who is searching to a page that is relevant to what they are searching for. A person who is searching for parenting support is looking for different information than someone searching for addiction counseling, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver them to the same page.

Having a different landing page for each target keyword will also improve the performance of your ad, as Google prioritizes pages that have similar content to the keywords of the ad. You can find some more information about landing pages and how they work here.

Optimize your Campaign

Once your ad is created, it will begin to get traffic from people searching for Felt Needs. You pay for this traffic on a subscription basis. As your ad begins to collect data, we can optimize your Ad Campaign to maximize the exposure per dollar spent.

Check out the Before and After Results


financial problems


parenting after
financial after
counseling after

what church leaders are saying

Missional Marketing has helped our church see the Marketplace as one of our mission fields. Together, we’ve reached millions in the Marketplace. It’s been amazing!

Cal Jernigan
Senior Pastor
Central Christian Church, AZ

Missional Marketing has been instrumental in helping us with digital ads to reach unchurched people. They know our target audience and bring the results we are looking for. We trust them with our campaigns and you can too.

Brian Beckner
Executive Pastor
Community Christian Church, FL

When we started working with Missional Marketing, we were doing all our digital pushes in-house. Since switching to Missional Marketing, our first-time guest cards have risen 30% OVER what we thought they would be. Highly Recommended!

Andrea Sing
Communications Director
Christ’s Church of the Valley, AZ

At Northwoods, we have experimented with digital marketing a number of times, but we haven’t seen great success until now. We knew that we needed a partner to guide us—Missional Marketing is that partner.

Kirt Manuel
Northwoods, Peoria, IL

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