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73% of Americans identify as Christians, but only 31% are practicing. What does that tell us?

More than any other time in our country, people are attending church less frequently. Perhaps they see their church as boring, irrelevant and predictable. But here’s the catch: that perception can change. We’ve worked with hundreds of churches to reverse that trend. We are seeing ‘first-time guests’ numbers on the rise, mostly due to two factors:
1. A focused-effort on members inviting their friends.
2. A monthly digital strategy to target unchurched people in your community.


Using Facebook and Google to send a video message to invite unchurched, our data shows that on average, we are reaching 2.5-5.0% or higher Click-through-rates and first time guest cards are growing as a result. If it’s a new sermon series, event, conference, or sharing personal testimonies, interruptive campaigns work to let people know you care and want to invite them to church. 


Barna research tells us the best way to grow your church is through a personal invitation. We strongly believe that position. But in addition to your own people extending that invitation, a video invitation from the Senior Pastor is another great way to build church brand and express his desire to invite people.That is accomplished through a campaign.


Facebook can do much more than 'boost' a post. We build campaigns that target unchurched outside your audience and use all the Facebook tools to increase engagement.
Google offers tools to reach people that you may not even know exists. We are certified by Google and will show you just how effective these tools are at finding and inviting people.

What Church Staff Are Saying

Gateway’s used Missional marketing for years and it’s been a tremendous benefit to us. They helped us figure out who are business leaders are. If you’re considering using them, I highly recommend it. They provide a high quality product and professional team.

Gunnar Johnson
Gateway Church, South Lake, TX

It is a pleasure to work with the Missional Marketing team. Each representative is professional, genuine and helpful. I feel that I can entrust the team with our marketing needs and that they will provide great results as well as proof to back up their efforts.

Lexie Goodman
Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL

Love the heart and passion our friends at MM have to reach the lost. They spend time understanding our culture and needs and have brought us into a much better digital presence. They come highly recommended!

Marty Sawyers
Executive Pastor
Cornerstone Church, Chandler, AZ

I love working with the Missional Marketing team. They have great insight into digital marketing and ways to reach people who don’t usually come to our church. Our biggest success was Christmas advertising where we increased our attendance by more than 30% over the previous year.

Kelly Fann
The Hills Church, Dallas, TX

Subscription-based pricing!

Our pricing is structured as a flat-rate fee that is hard to beat. Most prefer an ongoing, monthly campaign to continue building engagement into the community. Our subscriptions provide you additional tools and bonus impressions.

Let’s get started on a trial run and find out how impactful a digital campaign can be to reach unchruched people.

“When we started working with Missional Marketing, we were doing all our digital pushes in-house. It wasn’t bad, just that it was too much with all the other work we had to do. Handing this off to them has been a huge blessing. Not only do they run all our Facebook and Google campaigns, they provide incredible insight into the best methods, practices, and messaging. Since going this route, our first-time guest cards have risen 30% OVER what we thought they would be. Highly Recommended!”

– Andrea Sing, Christ’s Church of the Valley