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Debt Free Church: Journey ChurchLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

Journey Church’s Efforts for a Debt Free Church

Is it possible to have a debt free church? Journey Church—a safe and stable congregation in Roswell, Georgia, a bustling suburb of Atlanta—would say YES!

It began with a whisper, a call from on high. The message was clear and unwavering: “Sell Everything.” In February of 2016 they did just that, and they became one of the few debt-free churches in America. And, it would be safe to say their community and God’s kingdom will never be the same.

Today, Journey Church first thinks outward, and doing great work in and around the metro Atlanta area. They are carrying on the work of the church and being the salt and light in their community. The sale ignited their congregation to engage and serve more than ever. It was simply, transformational for their people. “We’re not about mortgages and maintenance anymore.” says Lead Pastor, Dan Garrett. “We are about ministry and mission.”

Check out the entire story at The Journey Story.

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