churches reach hurting people online

Churches Reach Hurting People OnlineLast Updated: March 9th, 2020

What is the best way for churches to reach hurting people online? This is a question asked by many caring and innovative pastors.

Church digital marketing is the perfect method of reaching those who are in need. They could need depression support, divorce support or other forms of assistance. Some of the best types of church digital marketing campaigns are Church Google AdWords and Church Facebook Ads. In fact, these types of marketing products are basically online invitations to unchurched and churchless people. According to Christianity Today, ninety-seven percent of unchurched people are likely to attend a church, if invited. These online invitations are powerful because an effective invitation has a great influence on an unchurched person attending church. Church Facebook Ads and Church Google AdWords educate people about the church, so prospective attendees feel more welcomed. As a result, churches reach hurting people online.

Seeking Help On Google

Church Google AdWords can ensure that your church’s website is found by those who are hurting. There are millions of searches on Google each day, and people often search about issues they face. If a prospective church goer Google searches “Parenting Support,” and it is one of your keywords for Google AdWords, Google will display your church’s ad, informing that person of your church’s parenting support ministry. Also, many other issues can be used as keywords to direct churchless people to your church’s website.

Churches Reach Hurting People Online

Reach Hurting People On Facebook

Church Facebook Ads allows you to post about any topic. These posts can also reach tens of thousands of people who live near your church. A strategic way churches reach hurting people online with Facebook Ads is by posting about their ministries that assist those who are in need. Your church’s Facebook Ads can inform the unchurched and churchless, so that they are aware of a number of topics and needs. These can be crisis support, parenting support and also a variety of other types of assistance your church provides. The Facebook Ads can also link prospective members to your church’s website. This will help them learn more about your church, and also encourage them to attend.

Churches Reach Hurting People Online During The Holidays

“Loneliness is common during the holidays,” according to PsychCentral. Since many people tend to isolate themselves when they are feeling lonely during the holidays, the holidays are the best time for churches to reach hurting people online. People who are dealing with depression need to know that through Church Easter Advertising and Church Christmas Advertising that there are people out there who care, and who also want to help. Those who are struggling with loneliness need to know that the doors of your church are opened to them and  they do not have to be alone.

With church digital marketing you get peace of mind, and you can relax knowing that you are giving a great amount of effort to reach those who are in need. Even when you are sleeping, prospective church members will see your Church Facebook Ads and your Church Google Ads and feel encouraged to attend your church for support.

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