This free download was written for church executives. It is crash course in understanding what drives traffic to your church’s website.

The internet represents the single biggest mission field for the 21st century. Never have the words of Jesus been more true, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matt. 9:37).

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world where technology rules. Brick and mortar businesses are struggling with the astronomical growth of the global online market and still trying to figure out how to compete. Some, like Netflix, are experiencing continual growth while others, like Blockbuster, have failed.

It is very risky for a Church Executive to ignore the need to build web traffic to their church’s website. The church is sitting at a major crossroads of change. Those churches that are willing to embrace this new digital world could set themselves up for significant growth over the next decade – similar to Netflix. But, those who ignore the monumental changes presented in this digital age, might find themselves struggling for survival – like Blockbuster.

Church Website Primer CoverThis useful resource was written for Church Executives. It is a clear and concise overview of the things that build web traffic to your church’s website. It provides insight on how to accomplish these vitally important objectives. It will also make it easier for Church Executives to communicate with Web Developers, Communications Directors, Code Writers, and Web Consultants.

You’ll gain an executive level understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Campaigns, Facebook Campaigns, Website Retargeting, Keyword Focused Blogging and Writing, Keyword Focused Landing Pages, and effective use of Online Video Testimonials.

Every day thousands of hurting and needful people search online for spirituality and guidance, but come up empty because there are no churches with a strong enough internet presence to receive their inquiry. Ministries aren’t findable on Google to connect them with help healing for their marriage, help with their finances, or hope for their depression. As a result, instead of discovering the church while searching, most end up finding help elsewhere with secular solutions.

This free, downloadable pdf will illuminate the the steps that Church Executives need to take to bring these people into their church.

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