Backlinks and Domain Authority

Check Your Church Website’s “Authority” and Learn the Importance of Backlinks

“Website authority” or “domain authority” refers to how much credibility your church’s website has, relative to all other websites our there. This rating is a number between 0 and 100, with 0 being the lowest, and 100 being the highest. You can think of it as the numeric value of strength for all your organic search engine optimization efforts as compared to all the other websites in existence. While it hasn’t been proven that your site’s domain authority is directly linked to your site’s search engine rankings, there is a strong correlation between the two based on a study of over 200,000 sites and associated rankings.

Domain Authority and Backlinks

Why is domain authority so important for a church website? Knowing how you measure up compared to similarly focused websites will help you know where you stand and identify opportunities for improvement. Identifying these areas can lead you to actionable steps to improve your church website authority, search engine rankings, and new visitor website traffic leading to in-person church visits.

Ahrefs is a popular online tool that analyzes all of your site’s backlinks to determine your domain authority and illuminate opportunities for improvement. Keep in mind that your domain authority is heavily influenced by the quantity and quality of your backlinks, and Ahrefs can help you analyze these in detail.

External Backlinks

External backlinks are important to the strength of your church’s website because they suggest to search engines that your site is trusted and has relevant and desirable content. For example, if your church is featured on a site with a yearly “Top 10 Churches in Your Area” article, your site’s authority will grow because it was “endorsed” by that referring site. That backlink will also continue bringing viewers to your site over time. The more external backlinks you get from other reputable websites, the more trusted your site becomes, and the better you’ll rank within search engines.

Increasing Your Domain Authority

Your church website’s domain rating is calculated using a number of elements: the number of unique referring links to your site (external backlinks), the “authority” of their referring domains, and the number of unique links these referring sites link out to. Although your number may be low when you analyze it with Ahrefs, if it’s still higher than your neighboring churches’ numbers, it’s likely you’re benefiting from more organic search engine traffic than they are thanks to higher rankings for keywords you have in common. In its most simple terms, the key to increasing your domain authority is to gain more external backlinks from reputable websites. To do so, you should focus on creating shareworthy content that can’t be ignored, or asking those reputable and related sites to feature your church’s website in an article.

When you’re looking for possible referring domains for backlinks, it’s important to keep a few priorities in mind: the domain must have its own high-quality backlinks, it doesn’t link out to too many other sites (especially those that are untrustworthy or focused on another category), it publishes high-quality content, and it gets quite a bit of organic traffic.

Learn how your domain authority measures up and how you can gain more high-quality backlinks by using Ahrefs.

If you have questions about using Ahrefs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you improve your church website’s domain authority and bring more local people to your church.

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    1. Brittany Wiggins

      Great question! So long as the website follows all the rules mentioned above (it’s a reputable website, it doesn’t link out to too many other sites, it has it’s own high quality backlinks, it publishes high quality and related content, and gets some organic traffic) then we’d say anywhere that your church’s potential new visitors might be looking. This could a website offering family-friendly events, a website introducing new residents to the neighborhood or local area, or a website offering resources for any felt needs that your ministries support. Thanks so much for taking the time to read our post!

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