We analyze your website for SEO performance and user experience.
Your website is often the first thing people see.
Make sure it is found on Google for Felt Needs

How do you think your website is performing according to Google?

Let's find out.

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If you want your church and ministries to be found in Google, you need to make sure your site is properly structured. Our FULL-SCALE WEBSITE AUDIT TEAM will crawl your entire website and give you a complete detailed report.

Find out exactly how your site is doing. For a low price of $199, our team will provide you with a 24-page report. The beneifts of using this service will help you completely understand the following:

  • Your website speed (load time)
  • Your website security
  • Your page structure (and how Google views you)
  • A complete keyword analysis (i.e. how often is the word ‘Jesus’ used on the site)
  • Broken Links (a big no-no for Google)
  • Backlink Counter (a huge thing for Google…how many other sites link to yours?)
  • Is your website ‘found’ online?
  • Are you following the rules of Google?

Once completed, our experts walk you through the entire report and show you how to fix your website. This is a critical process for any church wanting to reach unchurched people! Purchase the audit report and our team will get to work. This project takes one week to complete.

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Take a look at a few sample pages of the report:

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We’re passionate about helping your site be found in Google. Hundreds of churches have taken the Audit test and learned what changes they needed to make. Let’s get your site fixed NOW. Order the Full Audit today.

[simpay id=”10448″] Here are some extra ‘must have’s’ for your church website:

  • A mobile-friendly, professionally designed website that is well organized.
  • Talk about what they can expect on their first visit. But, talk about how other people love your church from their perspective. Don’t pat yourself on the back.
  • FAST. Your website needs to load under 2 second. That is what Google prefers.
  • Written and designed with SEO (search engine optimization), correct keywords, descriptions, links, and text all supporting each other, so that people searching for a church can find you!
  • This site is not for saved people! Let’s help unchurched people find you! Start by making sure your site is OPTIMIZED.

We've Performed Hundreds of Church Website Audits. You need to be next!

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